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Wave Loading Experiences


Well ive been doing a push pull routine with Dan Johns back off and grow philosophy with great results.
Im going to start Ian Kings wave loading program still in a push pull format. my goal is 315 bench in next 3 months. Present max is 265, weak I know but you got start somewhere. Any experiences with wave loading. What kind of gains can I expect or am I being unrealistic about 315 in 3 months.

bench 240x3 230x4 220x5 245x3 235x4 225x5

This is the starting point of bench sets. any thoughts?


way too heavy to start. i would wave sets of 185 and 235 (add and subtract the 25s every other set) for sets of between 3 and 5 reps for a while. The lighter sets will be very fast, the heavier ones will be tougher. Try to get at least 25 total reps in on BP, then focus your assistance on your weakness. Pause all sets.



So it should look more like
235x3 210x4 185x5 wave one
240x3 215x4 190x5 wave2
bigger drops in wt from set to set if im understanding you correctly.
Thanks for the input.


Thanks Jackreape
Does the 25lbs drop principal also go for deads and squats or should they be larger.And should the waves go more of
a 4 thru 6 rep range for 6months of training under my belt.

Thanks again working



No, more like
185x3, 235x3, 185x5, 235x3, 185x4, 235x3, 185x3, 235x3

I have been using this on my raw days, of all three lifts, and it is pretty amazing stuff. Each time you go back to the heavy weight it will feel easier, until on one set it will feel damn heavy and you know you don't have another heavy triple in you. At that point you're done.

Waves can be done any way you feel like. King gives lots of cool examples but I like taking off and adding 25s in the BP and 45s in the squat and DL.



Thanks Jack that made things clearer.

I will start them in that fashion tuesday.