Wave Loading and Pyramids

I recently rehabbed by shoulder with a Strength and Conditioning coach for about a month - I literally only did upper body all my life, and relied only on hockey to condition my legs. For my shoulder, I’m totally symptom free, and have been hitting the heavy stuff – particularly squatting – for the last 6 weeks.

My trainer told me about wave loading in 6-4-2 reps cycles. I emailed other people about this, and they seemed lost, so I’m looking for some insight. For instance: My max incline dumbbell press are 90s x 2 reps. So my wave loading looks like this.

70x6 75x4 80x2
75 80 85
80 85 90

I don’t do this every time…I also mix in speed reps, 3 fast reps of 60s x 9 sets.

For squats, my max on the SSB is 255x2. So, like the formula above, I do the same.

Does this look like an effective plan? I also head about 6-1 reps, too.