Wave Ladders Split

CT, your recent articles regarding the jumps, wave ladders, and the carries were nothing but spectacular and really changed the way i thought of training. I know you try to do only one main lift per workout with minimal to no accessory work but i was wondering for those who still had the energy to do some accessory work it was ok. I was thinking of something like this using wave ladders:

day 1
main lift: bench
accessory work: db rows

day 2
main lift: squat
accessory work: sldl

day 3
main lift: cgbp
accessory work: db bench

day 4
main lift: SGHP
accessory work: pull-ups or rows

day 5
main lift: push press
accessory: dips

I will also throw in some bis/tris work on some days because they are a weakpoint for me. the accessory work will not be taken to failure and used for 2-3sets of 6-10 reps. On days that I have low energy I will obviously skip or tone down the accessory work. I will proceed with some form of carries to end the workout. Are there different exercises that you would use as accessory or does this look okay? I appreciate your help