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Wave Ladders for Fatloss?


Hi CT, could your wave-ladders-for-maximum-strength be tweaked for fat loss, say, higher reps, slightly less rest?



No. It's first an foremost a method that works via CNS activation and this only work with heavy loads. And higher reps would cause too much fatigue to make it work.

Fat loss is first an foremost a diet thing.

As for training, if you want to help with fat loss, do loaded carries.


Thanks coach, can I use db/kb instead of a trapbar as well(they dont have those in the gym)?


Sure, pick something heavy and walk


Do you take the approach of keeping training relatively the same and adjusting diet? i.e. should you do this as prescribed whether you are focusing on leaning out or putting on strength, just adjusting diet?

I think I know your answer, but I hate to assume


The most important thing when it comes to strength training when trying to lose fat is to preserve muscle mass. Any fat loss that might be stimulated via strength training is a secondary benefit.

From my own experience, the most effective way to preserve muscle mass while dieting down is to maintain, or even increase strength. If you are getting stronger (or at least maintaining strength) you will not lose muscle mass.

So do not change much training-wise when trying to lose fat.


Thanks CT. That was what I was expecting. Glad to hear I'm finally putting all the pieces together.