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Wave Ladders as Alternative For Ramp or 5x5?

Hello CT,

would Wave Ladders be an alternative to a 3/2/1 RM or a traditional 5*5 in the context of such an outline:

Upper-lower split, done with a rest day after each workout, this means: Upper-off-Lower-off-repeat!

On the upper body days, the main lifts are for push, on the lower body days, it is squat variations.

1.) main lift #1 for example Front squat
2.) main lift #2 for example back squat
3.) Hypertrophie Lift -> rest-pause set a la DC : for example hip thrusts
4.) back Hypertrophie1 -> Rest Pause : for example seal rows
5.) back Hypertrophie 2 - optimal when fresh
6.) arms + abs: some pump work

For #1 I want to use a 6*6 scheme as outlined by you in another thread with week 1 iso holds, 2 slow eccentric …

For #2 -> the question above applies: what would be a good strength method to use?

On a site note, when I read your newer articles from maybe 2017+, I think your greatest talent is to create “maps” of approaches, mechanisms, schools of thought and so on. Thanks to your articles I really learnt to categorize the advice I hear from different “lifter crowds” and in what context they are giving their advice. Thus, I am able to understand different coaches and see where they are coming from and what they mean.