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Wave Ladders, Adjustments



I’m in my 4 week of ladder weeks. It is my strength portion of my high frequency program.

Odd thing is the 3th rep of each waver sucks so I failed in my firts one wave

But I keep increasing weigh the because my 1 rep Is very easy, so I did (numbers are examples):

1 rep 100
2 reps 100
1 rep 102.5
2 reps 102.5
1 rep 105
2 reps 105 (failed again)
1 rep 107.5 (good)

Does it make sense for you? I’m in a deficit caloric so I try to keep strength instead cut at the beginning.

After that, some drops sets in the other exercises previous 2 scoops of Plazma.


You don’t get it.

The sets of 1 AND 2 should be easy. They are only preparatory sets for the set of 3 which is THE work set.

I don’t care how much you lift for one rep, it’s how high you can go for 3 reps.

You simply did not understand which were the important sets. The 1 and 2 are there to get you used to the weight, practice your technique, and focus on proper contraction so that your set(s) of 3 will be better.

Sets of 1 & 2 should not be anywhere near hard , except for your last wave, and even then only the set of 2 should be somewhat hard.

Again, 1 & 2 are to work on technique and efficiency, 3s are for the training effect.

In other words see wave ladders as follow: “3 (or 4) increasingly heavier sets of 3 reps, with a set of 1 and 2 before each to prepare you for the work sets”

If you would rather do singles and doubles, fine. But don’t call it the wave ladder. And don’t think you need to make adjustments because you misapplied the method. And you wont maintain strength more focusing on singles and doubles than triples since singles and doubles are basically only dependant on neural factors. 3s are actually better to build strength. 1s and 2s are better to learn to demonstrate strength.


Drop sets are likely the worst method while in a caloric deficit for a natural trainee.


You are right, I didn’t get it well.

it is the first time I used it so I didn’t know hoy to set up the first wave or what % start and progress.

I felt very good when you recommended me 6 x 2, maybe one of the best approaches I did lastly.

In deficit, would you rely more on Rest/Pause? I tried to cycle the technique:

2 weeks - drop sets
2 weeks - rest pause
2 weeks - double rest pause
2 weeks - rest pause drop
start again if I feel good or 1 week regular sets.

I can stick in the same exercises but I need frequent variation in the technique. I like drop sets because oddly is the method makes me progress (maybe illusion ) in terms of body fat, I mean, when I train drop sets, details come faster.

Do you mind give me a recommendation in the techniques tu use in deficit? or how to cycle in several progression blocks?


Rest/pause is fine. Drop set are not good because they have a lot more volume than rest/pause and when you are on a caloric deficit the risk of jacking up cortisol from too much volume is much higher than if you are in a surplus


That is likely psychological. But do what you want, it’s not like you listened to me a lot in the past (well you listened to the part you wanted to ear).


You are right. I may have some Confirmation Biases. You know Christian, I’m 40, I’m training from 20 years ago, and I had to overcome all my genetics and my body always alone without sharing nothing or any help.

So my discipline and my desire to accomplish my goals sometimes can led me not be objective myself and try to look for such confirmations for my inner interest.

I really appreciate your words for give me new vision. I’m gonna change my starting point and listen to you wisely.

My point is progress program after program so a third eye, sometimes is key. Let’s see to build up the foundation again through your book and the help you give us here.

Thanks again.