Wave Ladder / Programming question

Good morning Coach. I’ve read most of your articles recently and liked your wave ladder idea a lot. I’d like to implement it into my training, I just had a question of two.

I’d like to use the approach you’ve described before: wave ladder, then reduce to 80% for density work, finish with loaded carries. I have it in mind to basically do my weekly training something like this:

Monday - Squat + Yoke Carry
Tuesday - Push Press + Overhead Carry
Wednesday - Deadlift + Hexbar Carry
Thursday - Bench Press + Goblet Carry

As for Friday, I was thinking of training the High Pull. Would that be too much after the deadlift on Wednesday or do you believe that’s fine? And which loaded carry pairs best with the high pull (I’m guessing hexbar)?

Thank you very much for your time and knowledge.