Waukesha WI Parade Tragedy

I kinda got this impression too TBH

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I wonder whether they’d be able to agree if the suspect was of the lighter-skinned persuasion. Or a Trump supporter. Or a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I’m sure they would.

Not geographically, but in many ways it is very much “The South” culturally, at least in the southern half of the state. In fact, Indiana was settled by two groups, one from New England and upstate New York, known as the Yankees, and the other from the South, known as the “Butternuts.” As a Hoosier, I can assure you that Butternut culture is alive and well here.

Btw, I’m not equating Butternuts with “bad,” at least not in any sweeping sense. Most are quite decent people, and I myself am descended from them. I’m just pointing out that Indiana does indeed have quite a bit in common culturally with the South for this reason.

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No “if” needed here. We just saw this with the Rittenhouse situation. The MSM and the left showed no restraint whatsoever in exploiting the case for political reasons. Hell, they’re still doing it.

say whaaat?

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel - a Liberal strategist.

Rittenhouse was white on white violence. The Left couldn’t do as much with it Though some MSM covering the trial reported the victims were black). Imagine if R’house shot 3 black guys. I doubt he would’ve been found not guilty. If he did, the whole town would have been burnt to the ground by BLM.

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Hard to say. These counterfactuals are always difficult to call. But as far as the left and MSM are concerned, there is really no difference. Rittenhouse never got any benefit of the doubt on the racism charge just because the people he shot were white. Go on the discussion boards of Slate or The Nation and look what they’re saying. They’re living in an alternative reality where Rittenhouse had a swastika armband and went around shooting BLM protestors at random while laughing about it.

I’ve also seen some comments from the right to the effect that the only difference in the Rittenhouse case and the Arberry case is that in the latter the person who was killed was black, and that accounts for the guilty verdict. I think that’s totally wrong. The facts of each case were very different. I see no inconsistency between the two verdicts.

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Its a tough one, to decide because to some degree most cases are not usually open and shut to innocence or guilt. I think Rittenhouse’s was clearer, and race wasn’t involved in the equation directly.
It would be hard to argue that race doesn’t factor into so many cases in the US. What it does is divide into tribes, where the facts don’t really matter. eg OJ being found not guilty by a jury with a 9 black members majority.

What if Derek Chauvin was black? Would he and the other officers involved even been charged? I don’t know for sure, but I think it they wouldn’t have been.
Tony Timpa’s death in 2016 was very similar to George Floyd’s. Timpa and all the officers I believe were white. None of the officers had to go to court for charges of murder/manslaughter. The officer’s accounts even said Timpa was violent, yet the bodycams proved he was not. Whether it ever gets to court remains to be seen. It hasn’t swiftly been concluded like GF’s death, which took roughly 1 year to get a result in court. No national out cry for justice occurred. Most people haven’t even heard of Timpa, yet the entire world knows George Floyd’s name, he’s the “saint” of innocent black men, who are really violent career criminals. I believe he has a lot of followers.

Anyone who is honest with themselves knows there is a difference, and that difference is if the Black community doesn’t get the result they want, they will go on a violent,looting rampage.

I wonder whether the white community would have rioted if Rittenhouse was found guilty for murder. They certainly wouldn’t, and didn’t for the Arberry killers. They weren’t as sympathetic as a young chubby faced teenager.
If a riot was going to happen it may well have been for Rittenhouse. The reason though wouldn’t be about race, but that a guilty verdict would have effected everyone’s right to self defence.

I would say that the difference is not how black v. white respond but how the left v. the right respond. In modern day America, the right does not riot. The left does, and they do it with a vengeance.

Broadly speaking that’s right, but there is a large degree of overlap due to intersectionality.
Blacks predominantly vote democrat. A minority of blacks vote Rep’, they aren’t out there rioting for GF. Whites vote are split more evenly between Dem’s and Rep’s. A tiny minority of white leftists will riot for GF. Most leftist whites even strongly sympathetic won’t, riot.

Couldn’t the counter be, the only reason Rittenhouse was found not guilty was because he was white?

I think some people on both sides don’t know what goes on in the real world. There are people in prison right now for committing murder. Some murders were black on black, black on white, white on white and white on black.

BLM is mostly self loathing white rejects it seems.


Wouldn’t say “mostly” but there’s definitely some those participating.

Having watched a lot of the trial I don’t think any person of any color would have been convicted. Especially with the blubbering prosecution. That being said if you had a person of color with a history of arrests or violence than Yes they would have likely been viewed differently. Isn’t that the common denominator though. Most of these “national” spotlight cases with people of color involved those with checkered pasts drastically reducing their character.

I really don’t know, but think about reversing all races involved. Rittenhouse is a black kid defending his community from the Klan(and its black supporters) following the shooting of an unarmed black woman at the Capitol by a white Capitol Police Officer. Charges?

Arbery is a white guy attacking a black guy who has armed himself in order to protect himself from such an attack in the event that the white guy terrorizing the black community won’t wait for police to get there to investigate and the need to hold him for identification arises.

Black Rittenhouse is without-a-doubt held up as a hero, and probably written about in history books for hundreds of years. White Arbery’s shooter…I’m not sure of the outcome…but certainly not villainized nationally.

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Just thinking of the people I know off the top of my head, I don’t think black/white really matter when it comes to rioting. Most the black people (who I know of) who “support” BLM (or at least the message), vote left, were upset about George Floyd, etc. wouldn’t actually riot. I think it’s mainly just idiots looking for a way to do something they can’t normally do, regardless of skin color.

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That is not what happened in that case. As a libertarian, or whatever you believe, you should find the actions of the white men in this case, abhorrent. You can’t detain a citizen at gun point because you think he might have broken the law. This is why the three idiots couldn’t claim self defense; they were committing a felony, or several felonies, when they tried to essentially kidnap Arbery.

Had Arbery been armed and killed one or more of those morons, then we would have an interesting case to compare to Rittenhouse.


It could be painted that way, with enough social justicing.