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Waukesha WI Parade Tragedy

Only a clown would say blacks would be better off if they were disenfranchised or that apartheid in South Africa was a good thing for blacks. Only a clown or a white supremacist.

I had not but just Googled him. If his Wikipedia entry is roughly accurate, he sounds pretty crazy.

JLP is another youtube entertainer, he can be a clown, but unlike those with a woke clown world belief, JLP is actually funny. He genuinely believes what he says, its not just an act. Its worth listening to him explain why, even then you still might not agree with him.

A white supremacist in this day and age, is just anyone who is even mildly conservative, or not a member of Antifa, or BLM. Probably about 50-80% of the population of every western country.
It doesn’t matter about race, apparently its an equal opportunity ideology. Isn’t every Marxist attack or solution always framed with equality. Equality is so great.
Asians and even blacks that don’t believe the cult are white supremacists, and these same people think non cult of woke believing Jews are actually Nazis.

Regarding South Africa, the overwhelming international belief was during Apartheid that blacks were unfairly treated, and that was true, by the standards of the day, and our views now. People had hope a Mandela leadership, would provide peace, equality and harmony for all Sth Africans no matter what race. It was a utopian idea, and once he stopped leading, the dream started to crumble.
By any metric, Sth African’s regardless of race are worse off in terms of living standards, crime, murder rates, corruption, infrastructure decline. The reality is most of the blacks treat each other worse than the white’s ever did. The elite blacks are tribal, nepotistic, and don’t care about equality, even if you are in the same tribal group.
Same thing happened in Zimbabwe. The wonderful freedom fighters like Robert Mugabe terrorised the majority of the black population, and ran the country into the ground.
When the whites ran it, Rhodesia was the most prosperous country in Africa, and natives had paid employment. Was it perfect?. No. Was it fair to blacks? No.
Now that Mugabe is dead the black Zimbabweans are literally begging white people to come back to manage the farms and help run the economy. I hope they can build something positive out of their circumstances.

Believing Jim Crow was a good thing for black people is neither mild nor conservative.

That doesn’t make apartheid a good thing.

Prosperous for whom?

And there’s the answer.

I’ve seen/heard some variation on this theme come up a few times. It goes roughly “Yes, black people didn’t have equal rights and were mistreated during X period in the past, but back then at least crime was lower and/or they were better off in some other material sense.”
This theme is perplexing to me in that it suggests some causal relationship between black people not having equal rights and black people having better living conditions or more wealth, and therefore implies that maybe we just need to go back to the way things were back then.
There are several problems with this idea. First, it is just plain untenable to expect people to live indefinitely as second-class citizens, whether in Alabama, Chicago, or South Africa, and also unjust to ask people to live as such. Second, because some marked deterioration in the living conditions of black people occurred after getting rights, it is assumed that getting rights caused the deterioration. That is almost certainly wrong. To take Africa as an example, check out Thomas Sowell’s take on why so many African countries struggled in the post-colonial years. It wasn’t “too much freedom” or too many equal rights. It was bad policy.

Correct, Though I don’t believe I said that I did.it . The mildly conservatives are lumped into the same category, by the woke.
To be fair I don’t know if JLP ever said it was a good thing, just better than what they have now. He wants harmony in America, he just thinks what is being done now is making things worse, despite all the legitimate advances in law, and opportunity.

That’s why I said so, in my original answer. I’m not suggesting they should still have apartheid, just that what they tried ended up being worse. Sadly I can’t see it improving for any South Africans anytime soon, no matter what approach they try.

For all, that’s what a better standard of living is. I already said it still wasn’t fair, but it was better for any blacks, than those in any other country in Africa, at the time or since.
I know you like being contrary, but you would have to be blind to say that its any better now, than it was when it was Rhodesia. Zimbabwe is now certainly better than when Mugabe ran it, that’s for sure. I have more hope for Zimbabwe than SA at the moment, maybe they can build a decent nation for all?

Well that’s still better than what either SA, or Zim got from communist backed revolutions. Do you think what has happened to black SA or black Zimbabweans, by their own leaders is fair? I bet you don’t. Both systems were bad, but one is much worse for all. There’s your answer.

They were sold the lie that they would get equality and independence.
Same for communism everywhere. They promise freedom, and a utopian equal existence. They deliver equality though . An equally shit life for all those that exist under their rule.

While capitalism is villainized because it doesn’t immediately deliver perfection and eliminate scarcity.


I don’t get the point. Besides, Jesse Peterson didn’t grow up under Jim Crow laws and he certainly didn’t live under apartheid, so how would he know things were better then? He’s looking at statistics and not thinking about how black people felt living as second class citizens. He can say it was better all he wants, but he wouldn’t want to go back to that time, and he knows it.

JLP’s fairly old, he must be around 70. He didn’t live in the JC era, but he grew up under segregation laws from JC, before modern civil rights.
He is a big critic of Mandela for being a commie. Well M was a commie and a terrorist, but he was much, much better than anyone since. He at least believed in people, and forgiveness. People believed in him and his vision. Who knows if he was a bit younger and managed to run SA longer things might have worked out better.

Thomas Sowell is an impressive man, great old school no bs academic. He goes with facts, not emotions.There is a good video of him schooling the now president Biden, on why race based policies were racist.Its from back in the 80’s.

He sure is. I like him mostly for his content on men’s well-being.

He’s been weighing in on the two recent tragedies.

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In Indiana?

Yeah its not the deep south, so I see what your getting at. He also grew up in Alabama, before he went to Indiana, and then moved back to Alabama to finish hs.


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Have you read the manifesto that specifically targets the traditional American nuclear family (pretty much targeting white). I’m not saying your wrong but it’s would bet dollars to donuts that most BLM activists have a disdain for whites.


Haven’t read the manifesto but I’m well aware that many BLM activists are deliberately anti white. That being said, BLM as an organization hasn’t come out and stated that they are anti-white… what I’m getting at is that the same way most liberals like to paint ALL trump supporters as Jan 6th Insurrectionists, most of us are not. Frankly, I’m tired of people painting all whites as the racist oppressor that has had their thumb on all other races for their whole lives.

Me trying to say that “all BLM supporters are anti white” is hypocritical if I don’t want to be painted with the brush of “all white people are racist”.

All this being said, yes - I’ve seen numerous videos of BLM members saying they want to incite a race war, and think the only way they can get out from the evil white’s oppressive regime is to wipe out all white people. :roll_eyes:

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If these two released a joint statement you know the “threat” is credible. These two from opposite parties rarely agree on anything.

Indiana is in no way “The South”…

It strikes me as sweeping the question of racially motivated terrorism under the carpet. If a white person was the perpetrator, we would be constantly bombarded by the MSM, and the dem’s that white supremacist extremism is the greatest threat to democracy. The Republicans would remain silent.

Its just fine for inside groups eg the MSM and the Dem’s to push their own narrative by ommission of facts. Its been going on for decades.

Candace Owens did a pretty good job of refuting the threat of white supremacism in America, before a senate inquiry. Liberal Professor SNAPS At Candace Owens, Lives To Regret It - YouTube

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