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Waukesha WI Parade Tragedy

You’d also have to hire someone in the field of expertise required. I can easily admit without any form of embarrassment that my fucking corporate secretary (this one’s a CPA whom I sometimes I use for other stuff as well) knows way more about corporate law than me in some areas which have to do with compliance and loopholes when it comes to regulations on things like taxation, financial reporting and hiring practices despite having studied some of these myself.

And I did ALL of this shit myself going through years of hell learning about corporate accounting and shit while working and how to apply this shit for years when I couldn’t afford the services of someone like her. Now I don’t even bother to even go through most of this stuff anymore because her expertise comes with over half a decade of exams while working in her field to qualify to be a CPA and a further half decade of practice.

But I’m not going to get her to represent me in a criminal case even if the law permitted it and she’s an avid fan and self-educated on the subject.


A disclaimer is normally made because you don’t want fucking LIABILITY. Holy fuck, dude.

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I don’t think you listened to what they said. Anyone can sue but there is no guarantee you’ll win. Also, Kyle might be getting sued. The smart person walks away when they get a W against the govt.

And why does that guy always wear a beanie?

Holy fuck, dude. How is Joe Rogan going to be liable? He even says that according to him it is best to get vaccinated and get Covid. It is an opinion and he cant get liable. They use this types of phrasings, because youtube ban or strike them. Joe Rogan does it because Spotify advises him on doing it.

Guys, please. Follow some defamation suites. You need to prove malice in order to win such a suit. I thought you and your wives were lawers here. You cant hold liability for stuff withoutnproving malice as well. Trump and the hydroxichloroquine for example. Ivermektin and horse dewormer as well. Talking against or pro covid vaccines. They need to prove in court you mean malice when you are sharing an informed or an uninformed opinion. Even a news.

He is bald

Because if you tell people to do something in a capacity that implies you have the professional qualifications to do so and someone relies on this statement and gets fucked, you are potentially liable for a lawsuit.

Nothing you’ve written in your post has anything to do with defamation. Why the fuck would you even bring that into the equation?

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Plus, whether or not you win or lose their are a ton of costs associated with a court battle.


You are liable, but no lawer will advise to sue you, because they need to prove malice. It is damn fucking hard to prove Joe Rogan had bad itentions when he says anything liable. As I said in his last podcast he said according to him it is best to get vaccinated and then get covid. Not sure if he used a disclamer, I dont think so. But you will never fucking win a case against him for that. There is freedom of speach. I keep bringing defamation, because this is the most usual case freedom of speach and liability are in question and debateable.


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Saw your edit.

This still has BALLS to do with DEFAMATION.

Do you see why I said I would have to literally write a post that spans multiple pages to both point out and explain the shit you don’t understand?

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I am pretty sure defamation isn’t a thing. It’s slander or libel depending on written or spoken.

Well, they’re both considered defamation. It’s libel when the statement is published.


Like I said, I don’t know much about law lol.

Back on topic, perpetrator reportedly sobbed in court when the charges were read. May be setting up for an attempt at an insanity defense (likely the only way he will escape life in prison).

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I’ve forgotten over half of what I studied in school since I’ve never officially practiced anyway lol.

And apologies, I didn’t follow this case so I don’t really have much to say. I only butted in when our YouTube expert here started saying shit that got too ridiculous.

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I know I’m a little late to this discussion, but I think Rittenhouse potentially has a defamation claim with respect to those who called him a white supremacist. And there are many potential defendants in the media who have done that, not to mention the fellow who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
The other stuff is weak and arguably opinion or arguably not really defamatory - i.e., “he crossed state lines.”

You called it. The media are vermin


One problem is that Biden never explicitly called him that. Another is that, if he were to sue, his and his acquaintances’ social media will get examined and I wouldn’t be too sure that somewhere, someone, may not have made a racist remark or two.

Biden may have come just short of saying it explicitly, but he sure implied it.
No question, if Rittenhouse sues over the white supremacist smear, defendants will explore all of his social media posts in detail. A good lawyer would explain that to him before he files anything.
But “white supremacist” is a very specific type of label. It means something a lot more than “some black guy pissed me off today.” Unless Rittenhouse was saying some pretty outlandish things (i.e., “we were better off with Jim Crow” or such similar comments), it will be hard to make the label stick.

I haven’t read everything that has been written about this, but from what I have read it seems that he was associated with white supremacists rather than explicitly called one.

Getting this back to Waukesha, some people on this thread are upset that pundits and/or journalists didn’t come right out and label it racially motivated or domestic terrorism. They didn’t like the initial reporting that used words like accident or crashed. Looking back at how quickly people were associating Kyle with white supremacists, maybe even labeling him as such, I think we would be better off if people in media, and on social media, withheld from speculation and opinions until all of the facts are in. I don’t know what’s so hard about saying you don’t have enough information to have an opinion rather than start tweeting speculation disguised as facts. I don’t know why some people are so in need of a narrative and political spin before the police have even started an investigation.

The real tragedy isn’t the initial reporting on what happened but the fact that the perpetrator was somehow allowed out on bail. I think most sane people, regardless of political affiliation, would agree on that.

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This. I hope everyone on this board takes notice of bail policies in his/her jurisdiction and starts publicly taking a stand and contacting your local and state representatives. The no-cash-bail movement has been one of the biggest contributors to the spike in violent crime over the past couple of years.


Have you heard Jesse Lee Petersen? His black, he thinks blacks were better off with Jim Crow, in terms of a healthy family structure, jobs, standard of living,. morality, less crime and better education results.
I’m sure lots of people think he is a white supremacist by today’s clown world standards.