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Waukesha WI Parade Tragedy

I take full responsibility on that.


That was a disclaimer. I don’t see how you managed to interpreted that as being humble.

Do you realize how stupid you sound? (That’s rhetorical by the way). There is a reason for the BAR exam all attorneys must pass. Critical Race theory (what I assume you are referring too) has never come up in her studies and is in general less of an actual problem than your non-MSM sources would lead you to believe (sounds like propaganda methinks).

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May we know where she studies so we can check on the anecdotal statement again.

I am joking here. Do not do not do that.

Can she write an ethics form at least then? Has she ever wrote a general statement essay with at least 5 sources. Or has she ever done some work with Cambridge standards? Is she published somewhere?

My education is very basic by the way. But I have been recently published on a sports science topic. It has nothing to do with my education. Give me a couple of years and I can be published on defamation law if you would like to. That is how easy education in general is.

This is the problem with the internet age. Everyone thinks they can be an expert in anything.

So you know sports science. A bit less difficult than the law. It’s why credentials exist and are important. It shows you put in the work.

Prove us all here wrong. There is one state in the US that only requires you pass a bar exam and don’t also need a J.D. - California.

Maybe you can take some tutoring from Kim K. I hear she is trying to pass that exam too.

Yeah, considering you have no credentials you would get thrown out of every respected law journal.

You can be an expert in anything. I was not an expert an expert in sport science, nor I am now. It became a hoby when I started coaching soccer as a hoby. So I decided to make a research, then gathered lots of sources. Then started writting. Then expanded it. Then I contacted a professor I know and he helped me get published.

No you wont.

By this argument, being published doesn’t mean anything. But you just claimed it did…


Exactly, that is my point. Therefor studying law does not make you an expert either. You are a got damn student and you still havent even written anything critical. You cant fill a god damn ethics form even as a student. You cant even write a proper general statement essay. You have no clue eve how to citate properly and how to put arguments. Man, I am mad you brought your wife to the discussion.

Formal study on a topic will always put one closer to being an expert than any amount of internet search engine using.

Nope. Are you educated? Formal studies at least until bachlors are trying to teach you to think and write critically. At Magister Degree it is your first real test at critical writting. I believe that is your Juris Doctor degree. However in order to become a Master in Law that is another level. This is where your wife can specialise in defamation law and be some kind of authority. But I believe this is 7-8 years of styding and only if she specialises in such a degree.

Highly. It’s the reason I can do rocket science. I would not hire anyone who did not prove in a formal setting they know their subject matter.

Juris Doctorate is higher than a Master’s degree but generally considered slightly less than a Ph. D.

I know for a fact that higher levels of subjects needed in my field cannot be found on Google.

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I know that as well. This is why you buy access to libraries.

I agree though for engeneering degrees you need credentials. I dropped out of chemistry engeneering degree, due to me being unable to pass physics and mathematics exam. My head was overwhelmed with formulas.

The exception being i would trust my car to known and uneducated mechanic, than a book rat with engeneering degree and no experience.

Would you hire capable but uneducated people? Like my example wirh mechanics and cars. The guy that takes care of my car is a very good mechanic. Locally all Audis go to him. He is an expert but uneducated. The guy drives a car and a motorcycle for a combined sum higher than 100 000 USD. All earned by his hard work.

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I studied law. You have no idea what you’re talking about and I do not even know how to address the things you don’t understand without writing a post that would take up 10 fucking pages if this site didn’t change it up to infinite scrolling.

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Come on, man. Start typing. I would like you to prove my point.

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This is highly job dependent. For manual labor tasks that require working knowledge (like a mechanic) sure. Definitely not if I am retaining (essentially hiring) an attorney.

I did. Then I realized that not only would I have to tell you what you don’t understand, I’d still have to go into detail into why you don’t understand them and further dumb it down since you can’t even differentiate between Rogan making a disclaimer and being humble. Not worth my time.

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Okay, but your wife is not an atorney. She is a student for a 3rd year.

Man, did you even watch the video I posted earlier? Would you watch it and come back. This is why I am not posting quatations and rather debate your wife and discredit her as an authority. People will just not watch, nor read links. Nada, nothing. They will come and say I studied law, my wife studies law, thus you are wrong.

He makes the disclaimer because he is humble. The guy has a network of people and connections who can brief him and dumb down info to know more on any given topic than probably anyone. Even maybe the president.

He is not an expert but can get an expert opinion in minutes and in an hour probably 10 expert opinions.

This is serious. You know the Australian add where they joke with Joe Rogan. “call Joe” a man says in his dying breath. Tim Pool literally called Joe Rogan while he had hard Covid, because his highly educated expert doctor with credentials advised him to sleep it off. Joe advises him and connects him with the right doctors for presciptions and Tim Pool is well in a day. That all after CNN lies on horse dewormer and Joe Rogan. By the way it is the monocline antibodies that probably helped both, but Ivermektin was highly advised for stopping the virus from replicating.

Here is the conclussion for me. Joe Rogan is a better Covid doctor without credentials and education than your educated and fully credited doctor.