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Waukesha WI Parade Tragedy

This event really upset me. Waukesha is my hometown and I can picture the entire parade in my mind (having attended and participated in the parade on multiple occasions). Thankfully my family is safe (didn’t attend this year).
What drives a person to do something like this? I saw the video footage and the dude had to be doing about ~40 mph on street that is barely capable of handling that speed on a normal traffic day (speed limit is 25). One video the SUV narrowly misses a toddler having fun, just dancing in the street. It’s disturbing to say the least.

It will be interesting to see what motive comes out and if it is tied to any of the crazy crap going on in Kenosha (about 45 min to the southeast).

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Horrible situation.

Wisconsin is basically Anystate, USA. Places like Kenosha and Waukesha are basically Anytown, USA.

If you think the bad man won’t ever come to your street, think again.


What happened is truly horrid. There is no excuse for it.

Pretty much. Waukesha has always been a quiet town major crime wise.
Biggest thing we had before this was a few years ago a couple teenage girls murdered another one because they were following “the Thin Man”.

My gut says that motivation won’t come out and this thing will be swept under the rug as much as possible.


I am hoping it gets designated as an act of domestic terrorism and the feds get to persecute so the death penalty gets put on the table.


I think that’s the only justifiable categorization

Call a spade a spade

Good luck with that. I think the guy is already in custody, and his picture and motive haven’t been plastered everywhere…so, keep hoping.

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I’d argue this is a smart approach. Less chance of inspiring copycats

Don’t indulge him with attention

Of course it is. That’s also not the reason.


That’s too easy.

I’d like to see that bastard rot away in solitary confinement

Reading more about this incident makes me want to throw up. 10 kids are in the ICU now at one hospital alone. 6 are in critical condition…

I want to know his motives. I just don’t understand what gets someone to do that. For what purpose…

Latest rumor is the driver may have been fleeing the scene of another nearby “incident”.

The “person of interest” has 5 open charges currently

Well at least his civil rights weren’t violated with bail he couldn’t afford.

$1,000 is all it took for that repeat violent offender to walk free.


edit: To be clear, he posted $1,000 bail for other serious violent offenses days before this rampage. He should have been in custody, instead he was out being a monster.



Sorry, i thought you were talking about a different situation. You are correct.

How dafuq did he get bail in the first place…

He can still go to prison though right?