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Watson's T Cyp


KSman: I renewed my Sam's Club membership and took my script in to the pharmacy. I got the Watson's 200mg/ml, 2000mg bottle, but they charged me $118.00. Seems like a significant difference just based upon geographical locale. I subsequently tried to run it on my insurance but they rejected it because of the length of time a bottle lasts. Go figure.


Must be a Sam's Club BUSINESS membership. You can get your own or perhaps someone you know has one and will sign you up with a card associated with theirs.


My membership is a business membership. It thought that was the one giving the lower price. Thanks.


Suggest that you phone them and discuss this.


I had a similar issue at Sam's Club two days ago. I used my Father's business membership card to purchase Watson's T cyp. The pharmacist said it was going to be $98 with the discount. My Dad had purchased the t cyp there only months before for $42. I insisted she recheck and she just mentioned that these things can increase in price. But double? I asked to speak to a superior and he said it has to go through the computer as 'no insurance', somehow using Sam's Club as the insurer. After ten minutes she came back and quoted the price of $41 and change.

I'd bet if you ask them to run it through like that you could get a refund for what you were overcharged for.


Yes, that is it. You cannot get that price if using your insurance. For those who are doing things, out of pocket, it is a winner. With my high deductible health plan, if I associate the sale with the Blue Cross , the costs would be higher. I pay for drugs using a debit card against the plan's associated HSA account, thus paying with tax sheltered money, which reduces the real cost even more.


Thanks, PPB and KSman. Initially I told the pharmacist I had no insurance and I was quoted $118.00. I kinda gulped, but said WTF, since I knew I was going to buy it anyway. It was after the script was filled that she said she'd try running it through insurance--no deal + same price. In any event, after your all's kind and helpful comments, next time I'm at Sam's I will ask them to check it out and will ask to speak to someone higher up, if necessary.

Thanks again + kindest regards.