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Watershed Moment Today After 7 Year Battle


Ok. I’m a newbie here although I have lurked off and on through the years. I came to my GP doctor back in 2009 after my girlfriend started to notice that my verbal skills were diminishing. I had started to mix up my 3 daily languages and would call up my mom and speak my native language and not notice that I’d changed over to Italian for a sentence or two and my mom would be too flustered to say anything.
Anyhow, I felt like something that the cat had dragged in, always tired, couldn’t loose weight even if I did a week long fast and I would get sick if I went to the gym and worked out. We ran some blood tests after having had to convince them that “yes I may have a testosteron issue even though I have muscular shoulders and how can you say that men never have thyroid issues if you only run labs on women over 40 years of age”

My results in 2009 were like this:

Testosteron 6.2 nmol/l ( ref 10-30 )
SHBG 11 ( ref 18-57 )
Estradiol 61 ( ref <150 )
TSH 3.83 ( ref 0.4-4.0 )
T4 14 ( ref 9-22 )
T3 5.1 ( ref 2.5-5.6 )
Triglycerides 13.7 ! ( ref 0,45-2,6 )
T kolesterol 12.6 ( ref 3,3-6,9 )
gamma GT 3.97 ( ref <1.4 )

So it was quite clear that I had catastrophically low T, something was not a OK with my thyroid and I had non alcoholic fatty liver and my blood fats were more like someone had dipped the sample in to the fryer at McDonalds. My weight was 111kg ( 246lbs ) and 181 cm ( 5’11’’)

I got Tostrex test gel in the beginning for the first year but never got my T level above 15, I got 100 mikrograms of Levaxin T4 and 20 mikrograms of Liothyronin T3 per day and that did pick me up somewhat but I still felt like something was amiss. In 2010 I got Nebido and luckily my GP was friends with my father in law who was a surgeon so I got syringes and needles from the pharmacy to take care of my own Nebido shots. I tried using HCG as well but that didn’t do much at all, Arimidex to control Estrogen so all in all things looked good.

Exept they weren’t, I got what can only be described as a TIA stroke in 2010/2011 and my sense of well being never amounted to much, still felt like there was something wrong. I’d stress my body or mind and would end up in bed for days with my skin erupting in acne like boils all over my back which would appear in hours and then disappear after a few days in bed.

I started to think this was my Cortisol so I had them check that out and my levels were in the high 400’s with a reference range of 170-500. In 2014 I got a massive health problem, went to the dentist and got sepsis which gave me massive internal bleeding, the ambulance helicopter landed on my lawn and picked me up, when it arrived I had flatlined twice and my girlfriend got me going again. When I got in I had a blood hemoglobin level of 59 ( I’m usually around 160-170 ) so I had around a 1/3 blood level left in my body. In 2015 my legs became paralysed so I went in to the emergency room, I had a Kalium ( potassium ) level of 2.7 ( ref 3.5-5.0 ) and my Kortisol was down to 10.2 !
This got me sent on to the Endocrinology department where they did a synacthen test on my adrenal glands, the results were 287 going up to 460 and 470, a little low since one is supposed to rise above 550 and after this nothing happened.

I finally got them to check up on me again and for 3 tests running my Growth Hormone levels were undetectable <0.005 so they did a GHRH+arganine test on me in december which gave a maximum result of 2.3, I’m 98-99kg right now so my BMI is 29.9-30.1 and they have a cut off reference range of BMI <25 - 10.0, 25-30 - 8.0 and >30 - 4.0 so the doctor told me that "with your BMI of 30.1 your cut off range is 4.0 but since your IGF-1 is in the normal range 154 ( ref 88-245 ) we are going to have to have a conference about all of this.

So right now, today there is a group of Endocrine doctors deciding on wether I am to receive hGH injections or not. I’m a bit nervous to say the least.

I’ll continue with the Nebido, I started to do 1ml sq in the love handle every 2 weeks recently, hated the rollercoaster ride of taking 4ml every 8-12 weeks. My new Endo thinks that T3 supplementation on top of T4 is smart and he also thinks that controlling gynocomastia and estrogen by using Arimidex is a smart way to go, I just sincerely hope he’s staying in this country for the rest of his life. Never met another doctor who is as understanding as he is.


Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful post. I am sorry that I missed this post.

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Your thyroid problem might have been from not getting enough iodine.

GH labs are stupid as released in pulses with very short half life. IGF-1 is best indicator of GH status.

You should have had LH and FSH tested before TRT, now you do not know if the problem was testes or pituitary.

TSH should be closer to 1.0
T4 was a little below midrange
T3 was good
But you really are better with fT3, fT4 labs

Your thyroid problem could be iodine deficiency.

Please check current thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Body temperatures can be a good guide to your thyroid medication doses.

Is stress a major factor in your life?

Were you fasting for that lab work?

What is fasting glucose or A1C?

Total cholesterol is very low. Not good. Cholesterol needed for many things and is basis of all steroid hormone, cortisol and Vit-D3.

Are you taking Vit-D3? Suggest 5,000iu per day, 25,000iu for first five days.

waist size

Please post current labs and try to get fT3, fT4
Need body temperatures.