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Watermelon's 'Kool'aid Progress Diary

YEAH! First day of lifting and it went great looking forward to getting some gains!

Dumbell Row 6X (Left & Right Arm)

Right Arm:

Set 1/15KG/12reps
Set 2/15kg/12reps
Set 3/10kg/8reps

Left Arm:


Pistol Squats Bodyweight:

Left Leg:

Set 1/5reps
Set 2/3
Set 3/4

Right Leg:

Set 1/6reps
Set 2/4 reps
Set 3/3 reps

Was sick today and didn’t eat anything all day but overall im satisfied with the advance in repetitions I have

Dumbell Row

Right Arm

Set 1/15KG 15 Reps
Set 2/15KG 13 Reps (Next set no rest)
Set 3/10KG 10 Reps

Left Arm

Set 1/15KG 13 Reps
Set 2/15KG 12 Reps
Set 3/10KG 9 Reps

Pistol Squats BodyWeight/

Right Leg

Set 1/8 Reps
Set 2/7 Reps
Set 3/5 Reps

Left Leg

Set 1/7 Reps
Set 2/7 Reps
Set 3/4 Reps

Got up to 22.5KG on each side left and right but I think whatever little gains I have had were fake and this was all just a mental barrier I think I could have used 22.5kg from the start and I fucking hate this exercise no matter what I do I can not feel any lat activation I feel like quitting it.