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One of life's strange pleasures that I think is never mentioned is that wonderful near-orgasmic feeling of the first few gulps of cool water when you're really thirsty, like after a long walk or run or bike outside.

I had it a few days ago and it actually made me nostalgic for when I was 15 or 16 and would ride my bike 5 or 6 miles to play soccer and football with my buddies then ride home and get home so thirsty I could barely speak...I'd drop my bike in the yard and run in the house to get water.
I realized why I was getting nostalgic was because since I was 18 I've always been a bit more careful about having enough water....so getting that thirsty doesn't happen so much anymore.

Also, now most of the hot days have beer in them to quench that thirst.

But I mentioned this at work yesterday and the guy I was talking to looked at me funny. I guess because I referred to that wonderful feeling of the first few gulps as a "watergasm."


haha so true! Truth right here: I've actually had that level of thirst before where as I'm drinking the water or beverage I'm thinking to myself "this is better than sex." LOL.


Watergasm.... great name.

Nothing beats fresh cool water streaming down your dry throat.

Why do some people go for coke or beer when water is the better option to quench your thirst?

What would you go for if you walked for 4 days in the desert and stumbled upon a can of beer, a can of coke and a bottle of water?


I think we've all done the one where we have a Coke when we're thirsty and you guzzle it and start crying. So that's no good.

Yeah, cool water does the trick.
I' almost tempted to do something silly like walk/jog for an hour outside (it's about 37C or 98F these days here) and not drink water till after I'm finished...but it may be silly.


Water porn. Cool. Let me just get some iced water and a greased rubber truncheon and I'll be with you in a moment...

Osama bin Laden rejected 'chilled water' for Wahabist puritanical reasons apparently.


This reminds me of those awful Sunny D commercials and subsequently, Dave Chappelle's skit about the lone black kid wanting that "purple stuff"



As did US General Ripper.


I haven't ever thought of that feeling as gasmic but it is strong.

I am glad you brought up water. In the last few weeks, I have heard a handful of people say they CAN'T drink plain water. They need some flavor! I know of one person who cannot drink water with a meal because whatever they drink must be flavored. They were either carrying Sam's Choice apartame/flavored water, adding crystal light, etc. I was baffled. How common has this become? Is it just that the average diet today has people's minds and mouths so screwed up they can't enjoy natural flavor? Water has nice sweet flavor to me.


Well, the first few sips of water may not be as good as sex, but they may be as good as sex with me.



I've known people just like this. Even their reaction was ridiculous. "PLAIN water? EW!"

I just saw a commercial last night for water. Two you young girls are on the field with their coach, and the coach offers up bottled softdrinks to the girls, stating, "You need to replace your water!" One little girl says, "well why aren't we drinking just plain water then?"

Yeah, I know they're trying to sell water, but the message is good.


I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!


I am the exact opposite, I can't drink flavored drniks of any type with my food, otherwise the drink over powers the flavor of the food.


Sounds like me, I can't stand the taste of plain water. Bottled, tap, filtered, what have you. I also don't like the flavor of artificial sweeteners or even stevia for that matter - they all have a terrible bitterness to them - so Crystal Light is out. I find myself drinking tons of iced tea during the summer.

I believe I'm a supertaster, but haven't ever really pursued testing.




I've known a few people like that.

I always thought water is flavourless so that you can't get sick of it, being essential for life.


Yea, cold water is great on a hot day, but if you think it's as good as sex then you're not doing it right.

My girlfriend recently turned me on to unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Adding a spoonful of this to a glass of cold water makes it extra refreshing, IMO. I'm talking 1 spoonful per full glass of water. You would think it tastes bad, but it doesn't. It just gives the water a bit of tartness. Sort of like lemonade but without the sugar. I'm hooked on it now, especially when I come in from outdoors feeling all sweaty.


I like this idea (although I haven't tried it yet). I occasionally take a tbsp of the stuff straight, and it damn near chokes me every time. In a glass of water sounds like a good dilute, but still get the benefits.


Try the Crystal Light Pure, made with sugar instead of artificial sweeteners. I usually fill a 24 oz bottle and one packet and refill the bottle when I am halfway through. I went from zero water to five or more bottles a day.

I am a supertaster as well.


One of my interests is hiking/backpacking in the desert. I've had my share of watergasms out there. The best water I've ever had was after a hike in 120 degree weather in Death Valley, Ca.

Any of you guys ever drink fresh water out of stream? It definitely doesn't taste like nothing.


Good point. I did drink from a clear stsream in the Ozarks. Plenty of natural flavor. Def. due to minerals. I also have had some at a bathhouse in Hot Springs, AR.

I think the magnesium in Dasani is why I like the flavor better than other bottled waters.