Waterbury's TSP Help

I’m starting Waterbury’s Total Strength program from muscle revolution and needed some help integrating the lower body workouts with the Bench Press routine.
I was planning on doing what he recommends: Squat 3x3 on day 1 and then deadlift 5X5 on day 5.

My question here is, what kind of weight am I using with this? I really don’t want to lose size or strength in my lower body. I hate guys with big upper bodies and toothpick legs.

Has anyone integrated some other kind of lower body set, rep scheme that has worked for them? If so please share. I am very interested.

Another option I was considering was integrating BP with DL for 6 weeks and then BP with SQ for the other 6 weeks. Has anyone tried this? Since my main concern is increasing my Bench Press for these 12 weeks, I have a feeling that doing that will not really work that well because all the B exercises have been removed and it seems like a half assed attempt. Has anyone tried this?

Please write if you have experience with the TSP. I am very interested in hearing about your experience and how you set it up.


both the 3x3 and 5x5 should be done with a weight that puts you about 1 or 2 reps short of failure on the last rep of the last set.