Waterbury's Summer(Winter) Project Progress

Today was the first day of the 8-week Waterbury Summer Project.

Starting weight: 335lbs

I am aiming for 250g of protein and 100 grams of carbs, with zero junk food. With the exception of protein supplements, if it cant be ripped out of the ground or shot in the wild, I ain’t eating it.

The first workout was a wake-up call…I lost two things, my Gluteus Maximus and a part of my soul. Keeping the rest times short really elevated my heart rate and brought you to that dark place by the fourth round.

Should protein be higher?

I’m gonna go throw up now…


Guessing your goal is to lose weight? If not I’d love to see your lifts.

Today was day 2, did 16 minutes (90 sec slow, 30 sec sprints) on the erg rowing machine today along with some much needed stretching.

Definitely feel the hamstrings and glutes from the single leg dumbbell deadlifts.

Nutrition is on point had 250g of protein and 100g of carbs yesterday, and am on track today to have 250g of protein and about 75g of carbs today. Been totaling around 2000 calories a day, my only concern is that this is too low, or will this be ok for a period of 8 weeks if I up back to maintenance afterwards?

Day 3:

Really focusing on my nutrition and using a pre-workout really made the difference today.

Stretching really is key to keeping the mobility higher. Noticed I was 4 lbs down as of this morning, but i think its just the water weight shedding from restricting carbs.

300g of protein yesterday, yea booiii

Too low. If I’m not misremembering, many people told you this in another thread.

Edit: yes, I did remember correctly, Very Confused, Can't Lose Weight

Day 4.

Nutrition is good, energy is good, workout was good.

Upped calories to 2500, getting 250g of protein at least and under 100g of carbs.

Day 8:

Did my sprinting over the weekend, did my Circuit training today.
Feeling kind of sick but carbs are helping with the energy.

Diet was a little slack this weekend but morning weigh in today revealed that I had lost 8 lbs in a week. Felt that this was too much so am upping the calories so I don’t burn myself out.

Alright, don’t think anyone cares about the daily struggle although it is definitely real. I’ll just provide a weekly update with weight loss/gain numbers and at the end will provide before and after pics.

Still here…Still alive…Day 23 done…lost 12 lbs so far.

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You don’t post for us, you post for you. I wish I had been better at posting during my last cut. Eventually my errors would’ve become apparent to me when I read it back.