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Waterbury's Huge in a Hurry

I just got done reading Date Tate’s “Under the Bar” is was pretty good. And I have read Waterbury’s “Muscle Revolution”.

Has anyone read his new book? and is it worth the read?

I read and enjoyed it. I haven’t read either of those though so I can’t compare it to them.

Basically, the book discusses his new kick of activating the the most and biggest muscle fibers; by lifting as fast as possible and terminating the set once speed slows because it indicates the largest fibers have stopped working.

It advocates a full body approach and has three different sections for getting bigger/stronger/leaner (progression and deloading too). With a bit of dietary advice as well.

The programs use a wide cariety of lifts and has a decent photo and explanation section in the back of the book.

At only $20-$30 I’d say it was worth the price of admission.

I’ve been training based on some of his principles for about 8 weeks and I’ve really found great results. Well worth buying.

I picked up 13 pounds bulking based on his workouts and nutrition guidelines, and I’m now leaning out still following his advice and I’ve had great success.

Of course some of the stuff I’ve read before, nothing completely mind blowing, but he’s very intelligent and lays out good programs and excellent advice.

I enjoyed the book. It is worth the read in my opinion. The workouts are solid and I like Chad’s methods.

It is only $12 to $16 on amazon.