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Waterbury's 'Huge in a Hurry'?

I’ve read the book through and parts of it multiple times and cannot figure something out. I must be missing something that is obvious to everyone else. My question is: Using the “Huge in a Hurry” program how do you know what weight to use?

Say I am doing a “heavy” routine. Every exercise is done for 25 total reps w/ 60 secs rest between sets. Chad says to use a weight of 4-6 reps max. What does that mean? He discusses the concept but I cannot put it together with lifting speed.

Say I can lift 100 lbs fast for 4-6 reps with no speed or form changes.

And I can lift 120 lbs fast for 2-3 reps but have some speed or form changes to get to 4-6 reps.

And I can lift 140 lbs for 4-6 reps slowly before failure.

Which weight should I use for the “heavy” routines?

And when I do a heavy day, do lift fast or normal speed? In the book he says there are two ways to build muscle: lift heavier weights (assuming normal speed I guess) or lift lighter weights fast. And he says to alternate these types of routines every other workout.

Does this imply that on his heavy and super-heavy days you should lift at a normal speed and on the medium and light days you should lift fast? If you lift at normal speed on heavy days, does that mean you measure your reps max using normal speed and not fast speed? If so (using the numbers above) I would use 140 lbs and not 100 lbs. on a heavy day.

Have any of you figured this out?

Damn…just lift heavy for the prescribed amount of reps, since when is it so complicated to get stronger and bigger ? I really think this whole speed things is a fad, if you want to train speed, just do some OL or DE exercises for your main lift…

I’ve read through the book and find it excellent.

Always lift explosively in a safe controlled manner, if it says 4-6 RM lift with what you can lifet 4-6 times, then during the routine stop when your speed slows down because form will be next to go.

If you have a heavy day just cause the bar doesn’t move that fast doesn’t mean you aren’t putting mucho force into the bar.

If you read the book closely its not the actual speed of the bar its the intent you life with. Just cause the bar goes slow on heavy lift does not mean you are not lifting explosively.

If the speed thing is too much for you on days it calls for 25 reps just do a 5 x 5 rep scheme. Days calling for 36 reps do a 3 x 12 rep scheme. Speed or not if you do all the workouts in Huge in a Hurry its going to pay off.

Good luck

Hey man,

I personally haven’t read the book, but generally when you’re told to lift your 4-6 rep max weight, that means proper form.

If you’re trying to progress to a heavier weight and find that after 2-4 reps you’re KO’d and the remaining two reps use horse shit form, you’re probably going to end up with an injury. Try doing a drop-set instead and put the weight down after the 2-4 reps, wait 10 seconds or so and hammer out those last two reps.

Cheating and using poor form will impede your progress since you’re not really doing the proper lift, so give yourself a couple seconds and git’r done.


the weight you use doesn’t really matter as long as you lift fast. If its too light the first time, you’ll reach your target number of reps easily and increase the weight the next time.

huge in a hurry?

so he just wants us to take our time with everything else? pff

How did you guys get the book? It is slated for release the first week of December.

[quote]PonceDeLeon wrote:
How did you guys get the book? It is slated for release the first week of December.[/quote]

curious myself…

They did naughty favors for Mr. Waterbury

[quote]PonceDeLeon wrote:
How did you guys get the book? It is slated for release the first week of December.[/quote]

Yes it is true that December 9th is the release date. But the book can be purchased now through Rodale books (the folks that bring you all the MensHealth books). I bought it there. Otherwise you can get it December 9 on Amazon. Just go to www.rodalestore.com