Waterbury's HFT

I am currently in the middle of Waterbury’s HFT program but I am having a lot of trouble working in the two days which he outlines in his program. I am new to TBT but i love it and I would like to continue it. Anyone know of a program or have a suggestions on how I should proceed with my time limitaions? Any recommendations for TBT programs that do not involve two sessions a day?

any help would be appreciated it

Hey man,

HFT is fuckin cool. Helped me to put on 14lbs over easter. However I think its only one of those programs you can get maximum benefit from with a lot of time on your hands. That was easy for me because we had a month of uni. I reckon its just a case of grin and bear it on HFT or choose another program. Just be sure that if you do stick with HFT you take the proper time to sleep, eat and recover LOTS.

Good luck and if you see a hamburger, eat the mutha fucka.

Agreed. I’ve established my own HFT training based on his article on how to do so. Just started the 2 a days and my god do my legs hurt, back too. I’m just gonna do a one day today, with probably some higher reps for recovery. But yea, eat and sleep when you get a chance it’s as simple as that.

Im doing HFT right now but Im only doing one a days. I know two a days are probably real good but I dont have time for that. Im still making great gains on it.