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Waterbury's Hardest Program?

I used to perform Waterbury’s “BB Next Frontier” until I started working more and unfortunately am unable to work out twice a day based on my awful schedule.

I got great results and I think Chad mentioned that program was the best he ever created. I was looking for perferably another Waterbury workout that’s just as diffcult that should reap the closest results as his BBNF program but consisting of 1/day workouts 4 times a week.

Anyone had any experience or heard any word from Chad him self ever mentioning what his next hardest program is? I’ve done ABBH 1 and 2 and they arn’t intense enough for me.

Thanks very much


Art of Waterbury is pretty tough

I was just checking out QD.

It looks like one of the toughest I’ve seen around, along with very well put together, any thoughts or compairisons?

[quote]Brendan Ryan wrote:
Art of Waterbury is pretty tough

This would be my vote. This program gave me a migraine that necessitated brain MRIs. :frowning:

I’ve done the Waterbury method twice [with slight mods] and have gotten noticeably bigger and stronger both times.

Quattro Dynamo.

hft 8 times/week

Im currently begginning ABBH 1 and I love the principles but I worry about it not being intense enough. But before I complain, I guess Ill just wait it out and add some resistance.

As far as difficulty Quattro Dynamo looks sexy.

Quattro Dynamo. Bring a puke bucket on endurance day.

[quote]Donut62 wrote:
Quattro Dynamo. Bring a puke bucket on endurance day.[/quote]

I actually would say I found AofW more “difficult” than QD.

-the boomster

The Summer Project so far has been the hardest for me.

QD for sure. Brutal but beautiful.