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Waterbury's 'Get Lean Without Dieting'


i want to do this program ,but i am working out at home and i dont have access to Treadmills , Medicine Ball movements and Cycle Sprints i want alternative for these

also,, i need to know if this progeam will make me gain some muscles or not because i also need to build muscles while losing my body fat ( about 19 percent )


Stairs in your house and/or building and/or workplace.

Muscle growth, perhaps if you're a beginner. Beyond that, hard to say, your post isn't exactly overflowing with details.


samir thnx for reply , btw am khaled from egypt , 180cm height , 80kgm weight , 19 percent BF , i dont want to lose weight i just want to lose flabby which is in bodyfat and i dont want to get huge like bodybuilder i just wanna a be like athlete !,,,am not beginner i had lots of weights lifting for the last year , can do 50 pushups
, u can find my pic at this link:


You're still a beginner and the fact that you're looking to undertake a program which puts little emphasis on dieting makes me also question your dedication.

You will lose the fat assuming you burn off more calories then you are taking in, but if you are putting no focus on the diet aspect then I wouldn't expect to see any appreciable muscle mass.

Also, "i dont want to get huge like bodybuilder" it doesn't happen over night and I can guarantee no one will mistake you for a bodybuilder anytime soon so don't worry...