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Waterbury's ABBH Question


Not really sure if this question belongs here so please notify or move if necessary.

After doing some looking and research I decided to give this program try. I have a question on some required lifts in this program. Specifically on day 5. Here is what it listed for day 5 from his write-up:

Day 5

Sets per Muscle Group: Chest 5, Back 5

Movement Plane: Vertical

Examples: Dips, Chin-ups

Reps: 10

Load: 60% of 1RM

Rest: 60 seconds between supersets

My question is what would be a good combination of lifts to do on this day (lat pull-downs, side lat raises, any overhead press, wide grip chin-ups? Or push vs pull? I could use a couple examples as days 13 & 21 are the same workout with different 1RM %'s used and he recommends mixing in different lifts. I would like to end up 6 lifts, (3) for each and then alternate lifts with the required days.

I guess I see a lot of shoulder work and some back work but not much chest work. It's hard to work the chest in a vertical plane, isn't it? Or would incline bench work be included in this day? What about shrugs?

I have a lat pull down station as well as a bench station for over head presses but I don't have anywhere decent to do dips. I am working on that though. Any help is appreciated.



Im not 100% sure about the ABBH routine, but it looks like you do 1 exercise of virtical pushing and one of pulling? Anyhow seeing as its only 5 sets for both variations of virtical upper body work and seeing that your posting in the beginners section and seeing as the article was written by chad watterbury i wouldnt be using exercises such as lateral raises and other such isolation exercises but big compund movements.
Here is a list of said exercises that i think he intended you to use
Bear in mind choose use the exercises you think you need to use rather than the ones you want, like i know you mentioned doing incline work so if you feel thats were you need to work on then so be it otherwise choose from the list below. Most beginners have weak shoulders so perhaps that would be good for you to work on. Its your body not mine

High Incline db
High Incline bb
Gironda Dips (these are very tough are perhaps too advanced Overhead Press
Military Press
standing db press
Seated bb Press
seated db press
Scott press

Pull up
Chin up
Neutral grip chin-up
Lat pulldown variations

Sure there are more but these are simple and will get you results


Thanks. The write up doesn't go into great detail on things like push vs. pull. I did a search and came up with tons of reading material as well as spreadsheets to use. I think I have everything covered now.

It's not really a beginners routine but sort of a beginner question(s). I like the routine. Nothing too technical, no fancy machines needed and I can do it at home. It also alternates lifting and resting days. Although I feel I need to lift at least 1 day a week more. I'm going to stick with this for the entire program. I also like the loading at 60% & 80% 1RM.

There's also a second program that I will look into after the first 46 days are complete.