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Waterbury's 10/10 Log

 Today I started Waterbury's 'drop 10 lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle' program. I have never followed a proper diet program, so this should be interesting. The training portion of it should not be too difficult, but the nutrition is going to be a challenge for me. I took pictures this morning, and will be updating weekly photos as well as daily progress reports.


I am starting next Wednesday. What are your stats? I'm 5'8", 165, 22 years old, sitting unpretty at about 18-20% BF.


20 years old
20-23% BF

Today was the first day of following a nutrition plan for me. . . ever. It was a rough transition, but Waterbury's nutrition plan was not too restrictive, so it was easy enough to follow. The first day's circuit was completely different from anything I have done in awhile, so that was interesting too. Overall, feeling pretty good about the program and looking forward to making some progress.


Woke up pretty sore this morning, thanks to the circuit. Had a pretty rough time with the nutrition program today, just feels 'empty' or something, can't put my foot on it. Hopefully after a couple of days my body will get used to this. Already starting to feel 'tighter' around my body, especially my arms. Day 2 is almost done, and I am ready for my cheat meal tomorrow!!


I look forward to an informative log; I bought the book last night, but I'll probably give it a shot early next year as I have other goals in mind at the moment.

Are you sticking closely with the recommended supplement routine? (Lets not give too much away about the program...)


I'm intrigued as to how it can be an informative log without giving too much away about the prog?

Sounds like top-secret classified info...makes me more interested lol!



LOL, I mean the things like specific diet options breakdown and detailed supplement list...


Just got back from my cardio session. Ended up hiking up a vicious mountain, and although it was supposed to be a short run, I ended up climbing the whole thing which took almost an hour.

I feel you, rsg. I will try not to reveal too much. On that vein, Waterbury: I can delete anything that you feel reveals too much, just send me a PM.



What is this program 10 for 10?


Lose 10lbs of fat, gain 10lbs of muscle in 12 weeks.



Dont you know that you can only put on 1/2 a lb of muscle a week with everything in check!??!?!?!?! ?!?! !

Just kidding, it will be intresting to see how the program goes.


Cool, I look forward to hearing the results. I love it when people put stuff to the test like this.


I agree, I am really looking forward to see how this is going to work out. I'm trying hard to stick to the program exactly as written, so we will see in the next few weeks. . .

Today was a pretty good day, I am getting more used to the diet. My cravings for other foods is not as strong, and I am feeling more satisfied at every meal. It also helps that this nutrition plan is fairly flexible, and since I live in the dorms and have to eat cafeteria food, flexibility is key.

I have already dropped 2-3 lbs, but I imagine it is all water weight due to the cleaner diet.

I am debating whether to take creatine or not. I respond fairly well to it (usually 7-10 lbs added) but I like watching the scale drop, and I am so close to 200 that I don't want to be pushed 10 lbs away from it. I haven't used creatine in almost a year, and last time I used it I felt "inflated". I will probably end up using it, Waterbury suggests it. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyways, I'm off to go eat my cheat meal. . . BARBECUE!!!!


Is the idea behind the 10/10 program that you lose 10 pounds of fat, and then add 10 pounds of muscle... or is there supposedly some aspect of doing them both at once? The little excerpt I read on the webpage gave the impress for the first idea.


I wish I could look at this program but I don't have the money right now to buy the new book.

Hope this programs brings good results for you TeenC


The program has 4 phases, and uses a slightly different approach/technique at each one.

I must say the diet looks really simple to follow.


I have similiar stats to engerland66. I started at 180-30%BF and am not 150 20% so maybe the 10/10 is perfect for me???

I am looking it up now


I think 20% BF is the perfect range to do this, as we will be in the low teens (or even single digits) if everything goes according to plan.

Today was a rough day. Ended up staying up 'til 5 talkin with my girl, so I did not get very much quality sleep, and breakfast didn't have any options to stick with my diet, so I had to go with cereal. Damn cafeteria! I tried to pick the healthiest cereal, so I went with granola. had some fruit, as well. On top of all this, I am a bit bloated from the cheat meal! ugh. I am still seeing results, though. the veins in my hands and lower forearms are starting to be more and more visible and while workin' out they were poppin' like crazy.

Speaking of which, today's workout was pretty rough, and it might be from the lack of sleep, but I feel the diet is really zapping my energy. I decided to take creatine, after all. I really like Waterbury's exercise programs, hit every muscle I needed too with enough intensity and weight to retain muscle and burn calories. If the training was any different, I would have gassed and not finished the workout.

Anyways, tonight I'm going to bed early to catch up on some sleep, and I'm going to run up the mountain again for my workout. I'm going to try to beat my old time.


I don't mean to steal you thread but since I cant look the book over word for word over the web, would you reccomend this to some one already following a decent diet and lifting routine?

I think I have around 10 lbs of fat to loose until I can start a bulk. So 10/10 sounds great for me but I dont now if I would make faster gains on EDT for fat loss.



$20 isn't exactly a lot to spend on a decent program. I'm not sure if EDT offers a diet to follow, but as I mentioned before the one provided does seem pretty damn good and is well explained. Just a few stats of what you could expect by actually losing 10lbs of fat, and gaining 10lbs of muscle - from the book:

Body weight: 175 pounds
Body fat: 16% or 28 pounds of fat
Lean body mass (body weight minus fat): 175-28 = 147 pounds

After the 10 and 10 Transformation
Weight: 175 pounds
Body fat: 9.7% or 18 pounds of fat
Lean body mass: 175-18 = 157 pounds

Ultimately, your diet is what will help you lose weight so it really is your call.