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Waterbury, You Magnificent Bastard! I Read Your Book!


Two points if you know what movie that's from. Obviously it's not Waterbury. And I've not really read the book. Yet. But I will! As soon as I finish American Creation. But....anyway.

Did superset today that actually almost killed me. Since I survived, I'm now actually quite thrilled. I did the superset by accident. The wife was using the laptop which has my spreadsheet on it. I usually bunch in the numbers as go. It tracks volume, intensity per set, all that stuff.

So I figured I'd just fill it in afer. In any event, I screwed up the workout. It was supposed to be snatch-grip deads then a superset: close-grips and strict barbell curls. I mistakenly did the snatch-grip DLs and close-grips as the superset. Dear lord! My goal was five reps for each set, and I got it. Barely survived in the process, though:

Snatch-Grip Deadlift @ 410 x 5 = 5 Sets
Close-Grip Bench Press @ 255 x 5 = 5 Sets

Then -

Strict Barbell Curl @ 140 x 6 = 5 Sets

I'm DOA, still sucking down Surge, hoping I don't puke so I can eat something.


+1 on the Patton-Rommel reference!

Your strength is far, far greater than mine but I am also using Waterbury's Group A-B-C 25x rep workout. Queston for you- do you think I should start with the Group C exercises (back squat/DL/cleans) as they are the most taxing? I do this workout four times a week.
Thanks in advance!


Sounds like you had a blast. Pump it up, two points if you know who said that, lol! That really should make your President's day a worthy one.


I always do my leg, pull or olympic variation first or paired w/ a push exercise. I never pair up back squats, though. that's the exercise I like to push the weight on as much as possible. So I don't like to leave lbs. on the table. But I pretty much do a circuit w/ power cleans, a push and chin variation each week. Then superset the other workouts. Hope that helps.


It does help, and it sounds brutal. Thanks!


That is an awesome snatch grip..

good stuff