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Waterbury Workouts w/ Spinal Injury


I have been reading about Chad Waterbury's workout programs and want to give them a try. My problem is that I have an annular tear in my L5-S1 disc. Are there alternatives that I could use for deadlifts or snatches?


I have a broken L3 and L5 and I do Waterbury -type workouts all of the time. Deads and snatches also. In reality, my back kills me if I DON’T do some sort of spine loading action for a few days…

You may just want to give it a try…


Ummmm? Ask a doctor bro.

Im not saying YOU should do these, but these would be the alternative I would use:

Split squat
Belt squat (if possible)
Sled pulling/pushing
Db row
Upright row / highpull
Muscle snatch

Get the dr’s clearance, and then do whatever you can do.


When I can’t load my spine, I’m doing lunges for the squats (at half the weight)and working through birddogs to pull-throughs to sumo DLs to regular DLs. With some assistance work for the hamstrings.

Its a progression I picked up in the Cressey thread. I’d recommend his back savers article as well.