Waterbury Workout Plan

Basically I am using Waterbury Principles here, and just wanting make sure I am applying them correctly. I just finshed ABH for 4 weeks and had amazing results 2% drop in BF at (6’6" - 230lbs)and stayed the same weight so I put on about 4-5 lbs of muscle. I am going on mag-10 for 4 weeks single dosing, and going to apply this workout for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks of phase 2 which I will finalizing after this phase. Any advice would be cool for those who journeyed into CW’s world of pain haha jk.

Day#1 (3x5 ? Maximal Stength) ? 60 sec rests
Power Cleans 5x3 ( i use a full front quat in these)
Push press 5x3 (separate from PC)
Db Bench 5x3
Seated Rows 5x3

Day#2 (2x25 ? Endurance strength) 3mins rest
Push Ups
Lat Pull-down
Deadlift with shrugs
Calf Raises

day3 - OFF!

Day#4 (3x6 ? Hypertrophy Strength) 90 sec rest
Incline DB bench
Step Ups
Calf Raises

Day#5 (8x3 Explosive Strength)
Exp. Push-ups
Hang Snatch
Chins or Pulls (not sure yet) almost no eccentric
??? ? what should I add here

thanks for reading, and if CW reads, my priority is size and strength, but i understand how the endurance increases cap. density and i want recovery hehe.

Also I will be eating 2.25 CHO/lb , 1.5 g/lbs and .75/lb - puts me at 5330ish calories. PLus another 500 on workout days, from workout shake.

On Day 4, perform a squatting variation, not deadlifts.
On Day 5, perform the jumping box squat for the lower body.

you da man …yes sir! hehe