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Waterbury Wednesday


Yet another Wednesday is upon us. How do I entertain thee? In other words, are there any burning questions?


Whats your thoughts on direct rear delt work? I have a hard time feeling them unless I put them first in my shoulder routine but then I feel like I'm taking away from getting that wide look that I want by doing lateral stuff. Do you think they get hit enough with back work? I'm eager to try face-pulls tomorrow, I can't believe I've never done them


What's your take on cardio for fat-loss and in general? Especially fasted-sate cardio?


By the way, I finished ABBH I, and am currently begining ABBH II, phase II and have gained about 15 lbs.! Thanks for the great programs!


'Sup Sage Waterbury?

  1. What would you consider the minimal stimulus in the way of sets/reps to ride a perpetual protein synthesis "high"? For example: Can one do 1-2 sets of a few core moves for 6 days per week to constantly ride the benefits of the 24-48 hour stimulus? I know that once you go past the first day the PS increase lowers to about 1/2 of the previous increase so perhaps the benefit is not too much greater than a TBT style training. Shoot maybe even off day "100 reps to bigger muscles" can flip the switch on accretion.?

  2. What is the minimal set volume necessary to be considered beneficial to capillarization? Some say as little as 20. Is 100 from the literature or an empirical estimate?



Coach, you mentionned in a previous article that the golgi tendon organ weren't, as was previously believed, responsible for overriding the muscle spindle's stretch reflex or something like that. Could you give further explanation on that. Sorry if this question seems redundant or unclear, but I can't find the precise reference at the moment. Thanks


Just as a throw in... I've always had to begin my shoulder or back training with some rear delt sets. usually 2 makes ALL the difference.



Direct rear delt work is usually unnecessary if you're performing pulling movements in all planes and O-lifts.


Fasted-state cardio is a big no-no in my book. Cardio is catabolic, therefore, why perform it at the most catabolic time? That's a double whammy. You should ingest 1 scoop of Grow! before your cardio. Throw it in some black coffee if you need an energy boost before the cardio session. Coffee might even help the fat loss process.


  1. All of your points are sound. I just submitted an article on this exact topic. You'll have a better handle on my philosophies once you read it. But, I will say that training a muscle group every 48 hours appears to be powerful and possible. But scads of other variables must be tightly maintained to pull off very high frequency training (>6/week per body part).

  2. Another who says one set of 20 reps will benefit capillarization needs to seriously re-evaluate their career choice. Even though my 100 Rep program is incredibly effective, I doubt that much of the effect is directly due to capillarization (although I'm sure some occurs). Most likely, the benefit is from increased blood flow (ie nutrient transfer) and host of other processes we probably don't know about. For instance, Titin appears to be directly affected by techniques such as my 100 Rep protocol. This "spring" within the sarcomere tightens to help muscles avoid damage. But one thing is for sure, the 100 Rep program will greatly increase your recovery rate.


Basically, it was once assumed that GTOs provided direct feedback to a muscle under high levels of tension. This feedback allowed for the possibility of "collapsing" the muscle under large loads in order to protect it from injury. Obviously, this rarely occurs, and when it does, it probably is due to a host of neural factors. Instead, GTOs are sensory organs involved in precise motor control. In conjunction with muscle spindles, we can precisely control our motor function through a huge range of different environmental factors.


Hi Chad,

I've got a question about conjugate periodisation. I had a look at your TTT program the other day and noticed that there was a max strength, endurance strength and explosive strength day each week.

Would it be possible at all to mix it up with training one of the strength elements each workout but with a different bodypart?

Eg Workout 1 would be Upper body max strength, hip dominant endurance and maybe some explosive ab work,

Workout 2 could be hip dominant max strength, explosive pushups, quad dominant endurance

Workout 3 could be quad dominant max strength, something explosive for hip dominant, upper body endurance

This is a very rough plan but I would appreciate your throughts. Could I substitute Oly lifts for explosive movements?




How would you work shoulder external rotation work into your programs? Having just read Poliquin's article about structural balance, I find I have woefully weak ER's.


Would you:
a) Do the ER exercise to match the set/reps/loading parameters of the program I am following, or;
b) Do the ER exercise at another set/rep/loading parameter? If so, what would you prescribe?

Once again, your help is much appreciated.


2 sets or 2 exercises? rep scheme?


CW, got any general outlines for active recovery workouts?

I usually do some high rep(15-20) low weight sets on the muscles previously trained in a circuit type style but I was wondering if you had any better guidlines to follow.


As long as you don't change the parameters, you can mix the strength qualities so each day isn't devoted to only one quality. But, keep in mind, TTT is designed that way for a reason. I constantly get bombarded with questions about changing programs. Programs are written a certain way for a reason (if the author knows what he's talking about).

Therefore, yes you can move things around, but don't expect the results to be as great as the original.


Well, I don't know what program you're following. Therefore, it's pretty tough to ascertain whether the parameters are sufficient.

If you ERs need work, train them first in your workout. 6x6 or 5x8 works well. I don't use a zillion reps with super-light loads like many coaches. I keep the parameters similar to other muscle groups.


My 100 Reps to Bigger Muscles protocol is ideal. Find it in the archives.


Excellent. That's how I've always felt about fasted cardio. Glad someone knowledgeable agrees.


Would this be appropriate for all types of training and diet? I did this while following ABBH and was extremely happy with it, by the way. Now I'm going to start a leaning out phase and will most likely use your TTT as my training program. Would this be something that would still enhance recovery or just induce unecessary stress when on a lower calorie diet? thanks


Hi Chad,

I'm in week three of Single's Club, and I must say I'm loving it. The singles days get a little boring for me, but each week I've been adding 5-15 pounds on the bar (depending on the lift) and and an unexpected benefit has been getting more and more used to setting up under heavy weights.

My squat and bench set up have never been so smooth and confident. I'm also on a bit of a cutting phase, so I'm leaning out but simultaneously improving my maximal strength. So I guess no question, just a thanks for a great program and great articles.