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waterbury type training

can anyone give me some feedback on working out same muscle group 3 times a week for power lifting prgram reps 1-4
does this help increase overall strength or should i do 2times a week same volume say 6 sets of four mon-fri
or 4 sets of four m-w-f

I recently asked Chad Waterbury a similar question. My situation was 2 heavy days (M & Th) and 1 speed day (Sat). He told me to try:

M - 3x3
Th - 5x5
Sat - 6x3

Increase the volume after a few weeks if you feel you can.

To expound on Patman’s post:

3x3 with 4-5RM (maximal strength)
5x5 with 7-8RM (hypertrophy strength)
6x3 with 17-18 RM (explosive strength)

Use this type of breakdown for anyone new to training each body part 3x/week.