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Waterbury Summer Project 07


I know a lot of you did this program last year, I am on week 2 to get prepped for summer this year and was seeing if anyone else was giving this a go around this year.

So far I am loving it, but the circuits and the HIIT have been ass-kicking since I haven’t been sprinting during winter.

Thought I would give this program a bump because it is that time of year again, alhough it is currently snowing outside.

Great program Chad, if I have to question why do I do this to myself and inflict this kind of pain, then I know it is worth the hard work for the reward will be greater down the road.

i’m on week 6. i’ve tried to get most of my fat loss naturally (no money means no HOT-ROX) and dropped about 8 or 9 pounds. i hit a plateau with my weight loss after week 4 following the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. I guess i’m going to have to drop overall calories. Has anyone run into this problem?