Waterbury + Staley = Good Idea?

Hey everyone. I’ve been doing nothing but Waterbury workouts for the past 8 months, and I’ve made some nice gains from them. But I’ve been thinking of giving EDT a try to mix things up. And since you’re not supposed to do EDT for too long, I was think of doing it for 4-6 weeks, then go back to TBT or WM.

Anyway, since I started using Chad’s routines, I can’t see myself NOT doing Total Body workouts. All of the sample EDT routines I have seen consist of bodypart splits. I think there’s an article that Coach Staley talked about “Fullbody lifts” in EDT, but without the same frequency as a Total Body workout.

I’ve been using various routines that I arrange following Chad’s articles on Program Design, as well as his book. I’ve basically been doing 3 total body workouts per week, using 6 movements (4 compound with 2 single joint OR 3 and 3), and each session has a different rep range/goal (maybe mon-6x4, wed-4x8, and fri-3x12.

So this is what I was wondering… Could you take those same parameters and apply them to EDT? Basically take your 6 movements that work your entire body and put them into 3 15 minute PR Zones. And instead of always using your 10RM starting with 5 reps, each session will have you using a different starting weight (mon-10RM, wed-15RM, fri-20RM). If that would be too much, what about taking those 6 movements down to 4, with 2 PR Zones per session? I DO want to try EDT, but I DON’T want to stop Total Body training.

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Staley wrote an article on this exact subject.
Compound moves using EDT is very hard. IF you are going to do this , avoid pairing 2 big exercises together.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’ve read both of those before, I just remembered Staley saying that EDT lets you get creative with designing your EDT workout. I also remember him saying that he prefers 3 to 4 fullbody workouts per week, yet none of the sample routines for EDT include both Chest and Back in the same workout.

Maybe I’ve just gotten so used to training chest and back 3 times a week, it’s weird to see an A-B split with Back on session A and Chest on session B. Is 3 times per week per muscle group to much frequency for EDT? And is it a full body workout as long as it has both upper and lower body movements? In other words if you’re only working Hams and Back, is it considered a “Fullbody” workout? Sorry to sound like a total noob, I’m really not, I just need to refresh my memory a bit.

btw, does Staley’s book Muscle Logic go deeper into how to design good splits for EDT? Is it worth buying?