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Waterbury Said....

I was reading some Chad Waterbury workouts a few weeks ago and he said something that stuck with me. He said that it is impossible to eat too much after a workout or before bedtime.

I can see the post-workout comment, but isn’t before bed a BAD time to fill yourself full of food? Or is this a tip for the people who are okay gaining a bit of fat with their muscle?

What are good pre-sleep foods for the cleanest bulk possible?

He’ correct in making the two statements. Post-workout is probably the best time to eat protein and carbs as your body is primed up to absorb most of the nutrients.

Prior to bed time, you want a slow-release protein, like casein, that will prevent catabolism through the night. In addition, you also want some fast absorbing protien like whey to promote protein synthesis.

There are plenty of foods that you can eat, depending on your goals. Cottage cheese, tuna, fats are all good prior to bed time. If you are bulking, a carb + protien meal would work too.


When you go to bed you’ll be fasting for ~6-8 hours on average. Ideally you should consume some sort of protein prior to hitting the sack. If you like cottage cheese then slam some down. Protein powders (i.e., GROW!) work well also.

There are quite a few threads on this do a search. You have to take into account the total number of calories you are consuming and that fact that you trying to lessen the effects on your muscle of that fasting period over night.

In general you want to be looking at eating a form of casein protein (cottage cheese) before bed. This forms a curd in you stomach and so digests slowly thus drip-feeding your muscles over night.

If you are trying to loose weight whilst keeping you muscle then you should still do this but adjust your total daily cals accordingly and also pay close attention to the ratios of carbs, fats and prot.

This isn’t a one threader but you’re in the right place, do a search.

What hes saying is on the growth cycle where some fat accumulation is inevitable, stopping the sleeping fast is necessary to maintain an anabolic state. therefore unless you wake up twice a night to eat in order to maintain positive nitrogen levels you may be losing alot of protein synthesis as well as recovery. Obviously some Grow protein is a good idea cause it has both whey and casein and cottage cheese i heard is a good bedtime food, i would think some sort of fish or fowl would be good as meet protein is generally broken down slowly as is relatively low in fat, I dunno perhaps you should ask Mr. Berardi he always knows the nutrition score.

i think eating before bedtime is more of a big bulking strategy

my favorite is cottage cheese, a little milk, 1 scoop vanilla Grow!, and either pineapple or peaches

if you think about it, it’s always before bed, and it’s always post workout.

but in reality, if you’re trying to grow some meat on them bones, you need to eat big all day as well.