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Waterbury Question

CW- I workout at home, and have no access to a pulley. Since you reccomend seated pulley rows in Quatro and Big Boy Basics, I was wondering what your “next best” substitute would be. Also, what would you substitute for tricep pressdowns?

bent rows or improvised t-bar rows.

Substitute seated pulley rows with rows performed lying face down on a 45 degree bench. Keep the hands pronated and use dbs.

As for the tricep pulley pressdowns, substitute them with reverse grip lying barbell tricep extentions (ie., skull crushers with a palms-up grip position). Use an EZ bar for this if you have access to one.

Palms up Extentions? Sooo, the palms of your hands would be tapping your head(Or close to it)?

You’ve got it.
As I mentioned, hopefully you have access to an EZ curl bar since a traditional barbell can be a little tough on the elbows (i.e. it keeps the palms overly supinated at the lockout position).


This may be a moronic question as I know you wrote the Quatro program as a mass gainer. What changes would you make for someone who is hypocaloric at the moment. I am interested in this routine and while I’m not strictly dieting, I am trying to trim up a bit. My focus on powerlifting has taken me to 270 at around 18% bodyfat. Not obese just yet but would rather come in around 240 at 10-12%. Or would you recommend I wait on this program until I’m eating maitenence again?

If you’re hypomaintenance, don’t perform the program. Wait until you are on a eating plan more suited for greater recovery levels.

Wouldn’t palms-up mean palms facing the ceiling. Isn’t that the way they are usually done? I’m confused.

Every body description is described from a standing anatomical position (ie. standing with your palms facing forward).
“Palms up” refers to a supinated hand grip. If are standing and you grip a barbell with a palms up grip, the hands are supinated. Now, from this position, lay on your back and start performing skull crushers. The palms will be facing the forehead.

I see, what would the difference be between one way or the other?

Reverse grip skull crushers don’t emphasize the medial head of the triceps as much as traditional skull crushers. This is a good thing since overuse of the medial tricep head can cause some elbow problems. I recommended it because it’s another nice variation of a tricep movement to avoid future elbow issues.

Nice thread, thanks for the replies.
Let me add a question… I workout at home like the original poster and can’t do lying leg curls on the quattro program. What would you suggest for a substitution? More good-mornings?

Chad: What about the calves?

Single leg deadlifts.
While standing on one leg with a db in each hand, flex your trunk forward and down until you can rest the dbs on the ground. Knee flexion should be minimal. You will allow the lower back to round while performing this movement. Start light since it causes substantial soreness.

I debated about the calves issue extensively. I left out direct calf training since it would escalate the daily volume to a level above my intentions.
If calves are a concern, perform your two cardio sessions on a steep incline treadmill. In other words, you’ll be walking on a 12-15% grade for 10-15 minutes. This is an awesome calf exercise, and you’ll be getting your cardio too.

CW - Great article. One question, Could you explain how the explosive lunge is done? I’ve done jump lunges before where you jump up from lunge position, swap legs in mid air and land into the other leg lunge position and repeat. Could this be done instead? God I hope that made sense.

Also CW, have you used your Quatro Dynamo set up for athletes rather than bodybuilders? i.e training for max strength, Endurance, Hypertrophy & explosive all in the same week.

So, in substititing 45 degree lying dumbell rows for seated pulley rows, I’d be doing the 45 degree rows on both the high, and low rep days of Big Boy Basics. Is that ok?

CW- I want to alter some rep schemes and the order of workouts in Big Boy Basics as such:

SUN- High rep Chest Back Arms
MON- Low Rep- But make this the Squat and Deadlift Day instead of Hacks and Leg Curls. (I’d rather squat and dead heavy.)
WED-Low Rep Chest Back Shoulders
THU- High rep Hacks and Leg Curls

This look OK as far as recovery and my alterations?

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