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Waterbury PT 9/26 & 9/28


Now that my all-time favorite show is back on HBO, I feel my life is, once again, complete.

Any questions?



I'm currently on my 4th week of a program based on extended 5's principle.

What would be your advice for unloading next week?

If I start EDT training (to have a great contrast between high intensity and High volume) should I still unload? since EDT is already very high in volume?

Any suggestions?

Should I also start ABBH1 after this program? (Ive never tried it yet)

Thanks a lot for your help.




Just a short update; begining week 6 of Perfect 10; with the addition of AM/PM training my chest and biceps continue to grow (by the day!!!). This program really makes me question all other "bodybuilding programs" that I tried in the past. I'm looking quite impressive, if people aren't saying I look BIG (family) they are staring and touching me (co-workers). Amazing.

I have to get up early for my AM workout, so I'm off to grab a snack and get to bed. Just wanted to thank you again.

After week 7 is my week off - then the final phase of the program begins, I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.


P.S. Every 2nd/3rd workout I'm playing around with a 1-3 second pause on my exercises (as mentioned in your recent article); nice change of pace, very intense.



I've seen in the past that you have been golfing since you were 9 I think you said. Just curious what you shoot? Handicap? I've been playing since I was 8 and am a 1 handicap. Has lifting heavy ever affected your golf? Would you direct a golfer to follow any one of your programs or to train differently?

Curb is great show. Have you ever checked out The Office? Pretty funny.

Thanks Chad


hi chad,

dont know if you are online-but i will give it a try...

I am currently on your AOW programm.

The monday session with 10x3 was running out today-I got to 90%of 1rpm.
Today i tried 92,5% and I failed in the 9th set.
The other sessions are still progressing...
So I want to ask you what to do-my plan was to go to 7x2 and 5 min rest for one group and then when I cannot go further on load progression to 4x2 (i have your recomm.for max strength in head from 9-15 reps) to get benefits.

In the case the thread is still open I will appreciate reply.
Thank you very MUCH!!!!!!


I share your enthusiam about this wonderful show. I think it's great for CNS recovery.

How do %1RM loads compare with various rep schemes? For instance, only occasionally can I complete a 4x6 with something I can do for a 5x5. And as far as 8-10x3 goes, I can usually push heavier poundages than I can for a 5x5. Sometimes I'll pick a weight thinking I'll do a 5x5, then decide to go for a 10x3 because reps 4 and 5 feel a little shaky on the first set. Is this pretty common among people you've trained, including yourself?


If you're questioning the idea of unloading, you probably don't need it. Since you'll be performing a drastically different set of parameters, I suggest you jump into it. But feel free to take off an extra day, or two, if it seems necessary (ie, lack of motivation, lack of hunger, joint pain, etc).


Coach Waterbury-
I am about to start the second week of your ABBH, which, by the way, is awesome. My college has just started a large blood drive for hurricane victims and I would like to donate but wonder if doing so would effect performance? I don't want to pass out during a set of heavy bench. Thanks


Sorry for posting my question in a seperate thread but i wasnt sure if i would be around tonight for Prime Time. i as hoping for your critque on a routine i have put together using some of your methods.

this routine would be part of an accumulation block, focusing on hypertrophy.

week one high volume
day 1 6x3 6rm strength day
front squat
dips/decline close grip
seated row

day 3 4x6 functional hypertrophy
back extension
chin up
overhead db press

day 5 3x12 tital hypetrophy
pull throughs
chest supported db rows
low incline db press

i would then include some biceps/triceps, abs/abs, and rear delt/rotator cuff supersets using 3x8 parameters on each on the days. i would choice one of those supersets and perform it on each of the days.

week two would decrease one set from each exercise

then week three day one would be 6 sets of 4, day three would be 5 sets of 6, and day 5 4 sets of 12.

finally week three would be an uload week where volume would be about half of the highest volume week, week 3

i tried to take some things from Eric Cressey, fluctuating volume and emphasis on lower body hip and upper body horizontal pulling, fron thibudeau, training zones(functional hypertrophy, total hypertrophy etc.) and from yourself, total body routine, multiple parameters in one training week. my calories for the above cycle would be mainteance or maybe about 10% lower and i would be using a carb rotation diet much like what Christian has suggested, so that i can shed some weight while maybe maintaining or gaining some muscle.

do you think my plan looks adequate. my recovery ablilites i would consider to be average and i have been using an upper/lower split for a while working both groups twice in a week including your abbh.

after the four weeks i am going to focus more on strength and power, so i thought about maybe doing your sfm or maybe nb3 since in am still looking to shed pounds. thanks again for your time and advice.

one last thing is there any word on when your book would be complete. i cant wait to order a copy.

figure i would post here since i am home just in case you did not see my topic


Unfortunately, my true "handicap" is the fact that I rarely get to the course anymore. Therefore, my current handicap is probably around 50-60 (ah, just kiddin', I think).

It's a shame, really, since Tucson has some of the best courses in the country. My favorite is at the Westin LaPaloma (it was designed by Nicklaus). If all my stars line up correctly, my handicap is usually around 5.

Yes, weightlifting has certainly helped me, especially in the late part of the rounds.

My programs work extremely well for golfers since they involve large, compound, free-weight exercises that effectively transfer into the 3-D world.

Haven't checked out The Office, but I hear it's good.


Awesome! Keep us informed, and spread the word.


If your primary goal is maximal strength, your program would be sufficient. But I'd favor something like 7x2 followed by 3x3.


Yes, it's very common. In fact, that's why I'm such a proponent of 8-10x3 training - it allows you to use a larger load than other methods with a similar set/rep volume.


Donate the blood. You'll not only help the victims, but you'll end up with a healthier blood lipid profile.

Take an extra day off from training to compensate (that should be enough).


Your program looks sufficient, but you should also rotate the parameters of your assistance exercises (they need constant change, too). The set/rep volume can be lower than your other parameters (4x3, 2x10, etc) since there's much carryover from your other exercises to the secondary muscle groups.

My book is still in the works (lotsa changes).


Hi Chad,

Would it be wise to do TBT while eating slightly below maintenance and 2-3 sessions of HIIT per week? If so, what would be a good program to partake before starting another round of TBT, I love the program.



thanks chaD!!!

do you also have any changing suggestions for wednesday (4x10 in my case) and friday? (6x6) In case of stagnation like on monday.
Or would you recomm.another of your programms?

Don?t hurry I have already got my answer-in case you have some more ime i will appreciate it-but the ohters are FIRST!


Hi Chad,

I have been thinking about trying out Power Drive; I've heard you recommend it a few times. Im a little confused exactly about what it would do if it is not a stimulant.

I'm winding up to give ABBH 2 a go. I've made some strength gains on TTT but it got interrupted by a nasty flu. I'm loving the front squats though, up from 135 to 160lbs.


As long as you don't push the intensity levels too high during your workouts, you'll be fine.

The Waterbury Method is a good program to perform between TBT bouts.


If you ever feel like you're stagnating, it's time to change parameters. The more dramatic the shift, the better. If you feel burnt out on 10x3, switch to 3x12 (or something like that). Or, if you want to keep maximal strength, drop the 10x3 and perform 4x6 instead.