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Waterbury PT 8/4


I'm here for any questions...


HI, Chad wondering if i could ask you a quick question im 16 years old couple years of training behind me. At my school gym its all machines, machine bench press, tricep pushdowns, bicep curl machine lat pulldown, leg press you get the picture. During school time i can't get to my normal gym which has a large selection of freeweights, at home i have a 90 pound barbell set, its light but if i use exercises such as the one hand lifts that Dan john uses (I am interested mainly in olympic and powerlifting) would i be best served doing one arm olympic lifts with overhead squats maybe or be better off working with machines in my school gym, My goal is to become stronger and more powerful size isnt really an issue. Thanks


Since you're only 16, you'd be better off sticking to the freeweight exercises such as one-arm olympic variations and overhead squats. Also, push-ups, pistols (one-leg full squats), and dips off a bench or chair are good options.



A couple totally unrelated questions here...I'm finishing up WM on Friday. What next? ABBH, TBT or AofW?

Also, when I travel, I occasionally pick up a copy of Men's Fitness at the airport. I have more respect for that pub. than M&F or any of the other 'roid rags. I was surprised to see that Dave Tate is actually listed on their "Board of Advisors". One guy that seems to have regular features in MF is Alwyn Cosgrove. Do you know him?


Follow up with the AofW.

I don't know Alwyn, but he has good information.


Any suggestions on where I should go once I head back to school?

I've been considering maybe:
1) Meltdown just b/c I'm used to such a high level of stress
2) Shoulders Overhaul or another back emphasis program by CT
3) TBT maybe?



Hey Chad, I was wondering if you could list all your programs in order from which I should train in a sequence. Anti Body first? and etc.

Also how is that periodization article coming along? How bout the book? Once it hits shelves Ill be sure to grab one.

Chad would it be suitable to Rotate 5x5, 15x1, and 10x3 in each weeks workout? each at 80%? Would this lead to overtraining, even if I was still young,(under 25), had 10+ hours of sleep with a good diet? Would you recommend, having different rep schemes for upper and lower on the same day? E.G maybe work on strength on the upper body while, more functional on the lower, and then switch for the next workout? I am trying to gear my workout towards strength and size.

Also, for progession, after hitting the 10x5 mark, would you suggest to up the weight, and then start over at 10x3?

Whats your take on Bill Starr's 5x5, would the loading be 80%? or higher? and how would you progess on this type of workout? add sets? intensity? density?

Also, I had a question for you a couple days ago, but I guess you missed it so, here goes.

When combining 10X3 with EDT, would you use 10x3 for the core lift, such as bench, then use edt for the assistant msucle groups such as shoulders, lats and triceps? What is your take on this?

Haha, Sorry to unload so many questions, but this is one of the first times I can acutally catch you coaches on prime time. Thanks for your time and help!


Chad, today I completed my first whole body workout EVER.

It wasn't TBT but I thought you'd be proud anyway.

Seriously, TBT gets rave reviews (my GF currently uses it), but have no idea how people can actually do it. Maybe I just have a naturally low lactate tolerance... who knows.


Hi Chad,

I'm on the second week of your Primed for Muscle program and it seems to be workoing well for me. Thanks. I was curious how much of the stength gains will kept after this program when I'm not doing a supramaximal hold ahead of your regular sets?

For example, say you hypothetical 1RM on the squat goes up by 40 pounds over 4 sessions how much would the typical person keep of that on their next squat cycle where they are using straight sets?



Is this a trick question? TBT, of course!


Damn, that's a prodigious number of questions!

Hybrid Hypertrophy

That'll keep you busy for a spell.

My book is coming along nicely.

I don't recommend constantly using 80% of 1RM. If you do, you'll neuro-muscular system will adapt very quickly. You would do well to alter your loading between 70-90% of 1RM with a myriad of set/rep schemes. That's why I wrote the Set/Rep Bible.

When you hit 10x5, you should switch to a different set of parameters. But, if you really want to continue with 10x3, then yes, you need to increase the load and repeat.

Starr's program was good, but it's a little dated, at this point. I suggest greater alterations throughout the week with regard to parameters.

Sure, the 10x3/EDT combo you suggested sounds sufficient for progress.


Damn Barr, it's about time! Seriously though, good work.

I suggest you slowly build up your preparedness and work capacity by adding in TB workouts with each subsequent 2 week period. In other words, if you train 3x/week, weeks 1-2 would consist of 1 TB workout; weeks 3-4 would consist of 2 TB workouts; week 5 could be an unloading (if you feel rundown); week 6 should include 3 TB sessions (just be sure to avoid failure and don't accentuate the negative). Also, you might need to increase the rest periods to complete the workout (if so, that's fine).


If you continue with maximal strength focused parameters, you'll continue to gain strength.


When you have athletes/clients test/re-test their max, do you typically have them perform more than one max execise on that day? (i.e. bench and DL max - one following the other) If not the same day, in the same week?