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Waterbury PT 8/31


Hey All,

I'm ready to have an intelligent discussion on any training-related matter. But, I'll start off with a non-training related question. Here's my question to you: What question have you been asked the most times in your life?

What question have I been asked most? It's this: "I'm performing ABBH and I can't perform chins or dips. What should I do instead?"

Let's hear it!


"Whats your favorite color".

For some reason chicks love that question.

I'm really interested in the responses to the chin questions since I'm a horrible specimen for chins. Granted I've improved a lot, but I'm still pathetic weak there.


"Has anyone ever told you you look like Tom Cruise?"

Apparently I look like Tom Cruise in Risky business (when he was younger, as I'm 17). I still dont see it though.


most commonly asked questions:

"So what are you doing the rest of the night?"

"Wanna hang out?"

"Wanna check out my place?"

"What do you want for breakfast?"


You weren't supposed to say that! Ah hell, I'll answer it again. The answer is: supinated grip pulldowns.


I don't see the resemblance. But then again, I've never seen you. Nor have I seen Risky Business.


Are you sure these aren't the questions that you've asked (someone else) the most?



I have just started your TBT training program at home. I currently have a power rack and some olympic bars/ezy curl bar so I am limited to doing exercises using this equipment - Im working on a chin/dip station.

At the moment I'm getting a feel for the program so I dont have it down on paper but what do you think of the following for week 2?

Day 1

Flat Bench Press
Bent over rows
Ham glute raises - on the ground with a mate holding my ankes. Im not sure if I should do something else here and keep these for the isolation work?
Bicep curls
Skull crushers

Day 2
Front Squats
Romanian Deadlifts?
Military Press
Upright Rows
Close grip bench
Bicep curls

Day 3
Not to sure yet - any suggestions?

If I squat what is the best antagonist exercise.

Is it OK to keep these exeercises for a few weeks because the reps / sets change over the weeks or should all the exercises be changed up from week to week?

Thanks for your time


Okay, in an effort to keep this thread from sliding into the gutter, I want to discuss motor units and how they relate to force production.

Question 1: Why can't we lift a large load (>85% of 1RM) for 30 reps?

Be specific, this is a test question for you all!



I have been out of the weight room for some time now due to my own laziness and the fact that I let everytjing else in my life get in the way. Now that I have my head out of my ass I'm ready to get back in the game. I was planning on starting with your Triple Total Training program to get back in shape and hopefully lose a little fat. Is this a wise choice for me or do you think another program would be better?


Throughout highschool and even in my first year of college in classes-

"What the HELL are you eating?!"


I've been caught... I usually ask what they'd like for breakfast.


Hi Chad,

The most common question I get is:

"Oh, it's you again?" or maybe it's a statement...I dunno...

The current most stressing thing in my life at the moment is I can't keep my upper back arched when squatting near maximal weights and it gets further accentuated when using a safety squat bar. My lower body can do a near perfect squat but my upper body can't if using too much weight. My low back is OK, it doesn't arch but doesn't round either.

What can I do to build the static strength in my upper back to alleviate this?



Day 3 could look like:

Sumo-style Deadlifts
Chins (Pulldowns)
Ab Exercise
Calf Exercise

The options are endless, this is just a sample.

Yes, keep the exercises constant for 2-3 weeks before switching.


If you've been out of the game I suggest you perform the follow sequence:

Big Boy Basics (3 weeks)
ABBH (3 weeks)
Triple Total Training (3 weeks)

Perform some medium intensity cardio on 2 of your off days. By the time you get to ABBH, you should bump the cardio up to 3x/week. Keep it at 3x/week and focus on increasing the intensity as you follow TTT.


G'Day Chad,
To answer your first question the question I have been asked the most is "Where's the toilet"(I work in a casino and thats all I hear all bloody night!)Just a couple of quick questions for you. I had amazing success with the AofW program which I completed about two weeks ago. Can I continue this program again so soon but just change some of the exercises? And if so any suggestions on an increase in arm size, for some reason compound lifts alone don't seem to do the job.

As always your time is greatly appreciated




Ha! That's great! I've also been asked that more times than I can remember. In fact, when I was a young lad, my Mom used to always say that to me when she walked into the kitchen. Here's something scary - want to know what I used to drink every morning for breakfast in high school? WARNING: Don't try this at home! Here it is:

Mix in blender:
6 soft-boiled eggs
2 bananas
3 tbsps peanut butter
1 cup milk powder
1 cup ice cream
1/2 cup of heavy cream

Damn, it's no wonder I developed an intolerance to milk products!

Yikes! W


LOL, I thought you were going to say the question most asked was "I've done your Program x...now what do I do?" I know I've asked it.

My bosses seem to misplace stuff, so the questions most asked to me would have to be "Where is that production sheet from the other day? Can you email it to me again?"

Now my turn...Having completed ABBH1&2 using straight sets with great results, I'm doing TTT now (along /w GPP ASAP as directed). I'll have to do straight sets also for TTT instead of supersets due to a crowded gym in the evening. I'm hoping this tweak will work with TTT.

My questions:
(1) Since I'm doing straight sets...Should I do 1.5 times the recommended rest interval like I did for ABBH1&2?

(2) Since the rest intervals between straight sets will be different...Should I still decrease the rest period five seconds per week?

(3) Anything else I need to keep in mind if I go the straight set route?

I'd also just like to add that I thought I was in good shape, but I did GPP ASAP yesterday and it kicked my ass on many levels. So I'll definitely need to up my calories for this cycle :D.

Thanks for all of your help!


If you want to perform arm exercises, I suggest my TBT program. That way, you can design it so single-joint arm exercises are part of the program. But, the Waterbury Method has really helped the arm girth of some trainees. But, everyone's different.