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Waterbury PT 8/22


I'm here for any burning questions that are scarring your soul. Let's get to it!


Hi Waterbury, i'm planning on trying your new program. My question is how many calories above maintenance do u suggest eating every day, and what has worked best for your clients? Thanks



I pm you this but I have two questions:

  1. I started QD program today and I added the Perfect 10 for Legs and calves. I am wondering on day 2 for the Perfect 10 you are to rest but DAY 2 for QD is a training day. Do you fllow the QD program and eliminate the leg protion of the workout?

  2. In terms of legs for the Perfect 10, should you go half leg exercises the other half hmstring exercises?



I was wondering what your views were regarding unloading/regeneration in the weeek prior to max testing/competetion?


300-500 above maintenance works well.


Greetings again Chad,

How would you utilize 10x3 without knowing a max? I was thinking (probably need to spend more time lifting than thinking). Could you work up to your max, then drop down to 80% of that for several sets of 3 to make a total of 10 sets =/> 80% (subtracting the lifts =/> 80% you used to get to your max; so if you did 3 sets including and over 80% to get to a max, drop down and do 7 sets equal to 80%)

Then the next week, you know your max so you can use 82.5% for your sets, etc.

Thanks again


  1. Yes, merely omit the leg exercises from Day 2 of QD.

  2. Yes, split up your exercises between quad and hamstring dominant.


Are you referring to a powerlifting competition, or a bodybuilding competition?


The simplest way is to test your raw 1RM for a given lift. Once you know that number, use 80% of it. If you can't perform 10x3 with the estimated load, decrease by 2% until you can meet the requirements. Depending on what rest scheme you use, the load can vary.


I have a 5m/20m sprint test, VJ, Max Squat/Bench and Deadlift test coming up in 11 days time. Just wondering about strategy??


Chad, I know you're Art of Waterbury routine encompasses most of your training programs-but I kind of though what you wrote back in your Top 10 tips back in September 04 with a Maximal, a Hypertrophy and a Dynamic session each week was your best routine yet. And 10 of those tips are right on the money!

My question is why high reps seem to make me weaker? That is why I prefer the above routine with nothing over 8 reps. When I ried your Endurance session or 20-24 reps, I felt I got weaker. I seem to be much stronger when I change up from 1-10 reps max. Why is this?

Thanks Chad!


Oh man, now that answer would take some serious time! I can't give you a specific answer since I don't know anything about your conditioning level.

But, it's a good idea to focus on high-load/low-volume work before the test. Don't perform high rep work between now and the test date. An extremely important issue is timing of your last workout. This is very individualized. I know some PLers who pull a 3RM a few days before the event. While others do well with leaving 6-7 days between their last heavy lift and the competition. Others like to perform a lift for 1 rep at 90% of competition load 3 days before the event.

Bottom line: avoid any type of high volume work during the week before competition. Stick to very low volume work with a relatively heavy load.


Well, first off, the AofW program is not aimed at maximal strength. A pure maximal strength program is something like my Primed for Muscle or Strength Focused Mesocycle. With the AofW program, the higher rep days help with hypertrophy since they recruit a different pool of motor units.

The notion that higher rep work makes you feel weak is valid. It's not intended to help your maximal strength levels. Instead, it's intended to help recovery/hypertrophy by acting as an active recovery session that recruits different motor units.


Mate, that was absolutely the answer I was looking for. Thanks for the time.


Mr Waterbury,
what would be acceptable streches for bi's and chest on the p-10 program. Any help would be appreciated. With all of the free work you put in for the members of T-Nation i think we all owe your a beer. Thanks
flagstaff AZ


Hey Chad,

I'm currently halfway through ABBH part I, and for the lower body workouts, I am sub'ing my calf exercises with hamstring exercises. My calves are really developed, but my hammies are lagging. Do you think that this would be overload of the hammies since I am doing full squats on day 1 of lower body and deadlifts on day 2?



My original plan was going to be doing biceps and delts with Pefect 10; I've changed it and decided to do something more experimental.

What do you think about doing Perfect 10 for delts and chest? Here's the plan: I'll do day#1 isolation for chest, compound move for delts; day#2 compound move for chest and isolation move for delts etc. I've been doing 100 reps for bigger muscles with my chest for months (built up my work capactity and upper body "tolerance"); my shoulders and chest seemed to react fine when I trained them 3 times a week each with full body training, so I think it's a go.

I'm curious to your opinion. Man, if this works - my upper body will be quite impressive. Plenty of food, stretching, and icing of course.

If you think it's overkill, I'll take it into consideration - but as of now, I'm fired up about hitting this program hard.



Chad, I've been training for more than 20 years and your programs have re-energized my passion for the iron.

I'm currently immersed in ABBH and have my 10x4 bench press day tomorrow morning. Last week, 10x3x225 went fine. I'm just wondering how would you suggest that I adjust the weight if 10x4 tomorrow and 10x5 next week don't go as well. I don't plan on not getting all the reps, but I thought I would fire off a preemptive question. Thanks!


Biceps: Hold a very light db in your hands and let your arms hang down to the side of your body with your palms facing forward.

Triceps: Hold your arms overhead with a light db in each hand. Let your hands fall back behind your head to fully stretch your tris.


As long as the ham exercise is single-joint, you'll be fine.