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Waterbury PT 7/27



CW, do you think for MS training, is it better to rotate less excercises more frequently or more excercises less frequently? I feel that I need to just simply, as youve mentioned multiple time, simply change grips and stances, do you think this is enough or will there come or should there be a point where one should change the excercise completely.

I think I just confused myself.



Thanks buddy! I also look forward to meeting you at the seminar. It should be a blast, and very informative.


Hey Chad, I am a relative newcomer to T-Nation. The main reason I am weight training is to be stronger at rock climbing, so I want to maximize my strength while minimalizing size. What should I do? Low total volume but high intensity? as in like 5 sets of 3 and such? Minimalizing hypertrophy doesn't seem to be a big topic here.

How often should I work out a week with this goal in mind? Should I still eat massive ammounts?


The answer depends on training age, and previous training routines. Any of the above programs will put on muscle. I really can't rate them since some trainees will absolutely blow-up on one program, but not gain as much on another program that's been incredible for other lifters. In other words, it's very individualized. But if you're wondering which program to choose, I suggest you choose the program that's least like what you've been performing.

OK, so in an effort to not be so vague, I've gotta say that the WM and TBT have received huge amounts of hypertrophy praise. But I attribute this statement to the fact that the greatest number of readers have tried those programs. My TBT article is approaching 80K hits. Therefore, it overwhelms the feedback I've received on some of my older, less viewed, programs.

They'll all work well, do them all!


Just wanted to say that I have been on your Art of Waterbury for the past week and a half, and I love it. It, along with Staley's Snatch Part Duex, are my favorite programs as far as enjoyment in the gym.

the only problem is the 10x3 day takes FOREVER. But it is time well spent.


Questions like this are damn-near impossible to answer. The shoulder joint is so complex that your issue could be due to numerous factors. But, if you have a problem with OH work, you should avoid it. Once you've given your OH pressing a few months rest, you can slowly incorporate certain exercises. I like 75 degree incline DB presses with a semi-supinated hand position as an introduction.

In the meantime, make a diligent effort to develop your external rotators and shoulder flexibility.


Yes, it's possible.


If I recall you and Staley were planning to start a conversation on progression patterns. Guess Staley isnt around yet.



Rotate fewer key exercises that have worked well for you, more often.


Keep your set/rep volume less than or equal to 15; use loads greater than 85% of 1RM; and train your core lifts 3x/week. Parameters such as 3x3, 4x2, 5x3, all work well. Don't accentuate the negative and don't work to failure.


Chad, What Are Your Thoughts On Off Day Training With Lesser Intensity To Promote Bloodflow To Targeted Muscles And/Or Groups. Would This In Any Way Hinder Overall Gains. If Not To What Extent Should These Exercises Be Done (Set/Rep Volume? Intensity?)

I Would Like To Thank You For Your Time Taken To Produce Such Great Articles. Below Are Results From Your Articles.

Late September '04 Wt: 132 Ht: 5'10"
Today: Wt: 182 Ht: 5'10"

Thanks CW!


Time well spent, indeed! Day 1 works well to increase your work capacity.


Yeah, he's probably reading through some material on the issue. He is, after all, new to this training thing.

Ha! All kidding aside, we'll address the issue at some point in the near future. Don't fret.



Love your articles and had been training with similar formats for a long time. Wanted to ask your opinion concerning the following.

In your last article you recommend on day 1: 8x3 (I love training that way) on day 3: 3x12 and day 5: 4x6 but you recommend different exercises each training day and though I think I understand why I wanted to run by you what I have been doing:

I use the same format 8x3, 3-4x10-12 and 4-6x5-7 but I do the same exercises on Mo, Wed, Frid and then change them week 2 and week 3 and go back to them on week 4.

it has been working quite well but I sense a bit off overtraining coming on. Is that why you recommend the different exercises each training day?
Or is there another reason?

Hope my question makes sense.

Thanks for all the free info you provide. I have made great progress with your's and Coach Thibaudeau's programs.



hey Chad,
i just have a general question for you. recently, i started a new job from 4am-11am loading semi trucks with a pallet jack. pretty physical work. then in the afternoons, i'm a fulltime advertising student with a ton of homework. as far as your programs and suggestions go, which has the most "bang for your buck" for someone with limited time and n some days, energy. i can definitely do Spike and Power Drive if need be for some boost but i'd like your input.


Hey Mr.Waterbury! I sent you a PM regarding some questions. I also went to your site to find out your email, since you havent replied yet. I have sent you an email regarding a few questions, and was wondering if you would take a look..If that wouldn't be too much trouble. Thanks for taking your time out to help me.


You may have answered this in the past, but when doing NB3, should one wait until he can do 5 sets of 5 to increase the weight?


Thanks for the kind words.

As the saying goes, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." The method you mentioned works well, and it's similar to what I often recommend during my TBT routine. I also like your method because it allows you to really develop a specific lift within a few weeks. Since it's working, I suggest you keep doing it. I use a simimlar method often.


I recommend Triple Total Training.