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Waterbury PT 7/18


Hey all, I'm here to take your questions.


Chad, any plans on an article series on periodization? I think an aerial view of how you would implement your ideas in a yearly setting would be the single most important article this site has ever published on training. Besides the Mentzer interview.

Or do I have to wait for the book?



Chad, for most of your workouts you recommend between 60-75 seconds of rest between sets. My questions is if I can shorten the rest to 30-45 seconds between sets (easier on Antagonistic exercises) and have no problems-do you think I am not lifting a heavy enough load or perhaps have good anaerobic recovery? Vince Gironda suggested rest between sets as low as 15 seconds but I can't lift heavy at all there and be recovered. Do you think there's a benefit to shortening the rest as little or possible or is there some sort of break-even point where returns are dimishing?

Thanks for you response.


I heard that if your already doing rows,pullups,benching,ect... then doing overhead presses is not necessary. what is your opinion of this? it seems that you use overhead presses as a supplement in your programs, rather than a core exercise.


Hi Chad, I just started your Waterbury Method workout last week, great so far. I just have a general question. I just ordered Power Drive, how long should that take before i recieve it? and also are the effects pretty noticible once taken? thanks.



Thanks for the new article, it is awesome. I'm finishing my final week of Total Body Training - then, after a week of rest I'll tackle your new program or Quattro Dynamo. I must say, "The Art of Waterbury" looks very tempting.

My chest has always been my weak bodypart; doing 100 RTBM, training the compounds hard and adding some isolation work 3 times a week has made a HUGE difference in my chest's appearance.

From your Rep/Set Bible and The Art of Waterbury; training a muscle group 4 times a week seems to be reasonable (within my current reach anyway). Am I right in thinking 4 times a week is just half of what is possible in the long run? Eventually, I would like to put my bodyparts I'm happy with on a decent amount of volume (training them 2 times a week) and really blast my chest using some AM PM training, supersets (within your set/rep limits), and plain old increased frequency. I know it would have to be introduced slowly, but I have the sinking feeling that you've pushed your training beyond 4 times a week.

Like I said 2 weeks ago - I've lowered my calories slightly (300-500 a day); stripped a bit of fat (amazingly enough, that amount of calorie difference seems to have made a slight difference in my recovery; I feel a lot better "bulking" than on a modestly reduced calorie diet). I'm at a decent bodyfat and look forward to 4 a week training. Great articles and feedback.



Hey Chad,
I just want to start off saying that I've been making the best muscle gains of my life since starting your ABBH program. I'm at the end of the part 1 where you had us switch the set/rep scheme with the same excersizes, and I start ABBH II next week.

I've seen some of your recomendations of programs, and it seems like you mix up programs that are more for hypertrophy, with programs that are more for strength.

This is what I have so far for the order to do them in:
Triple Total Training
Waterbury Method
Total Body Training
Quattro Dynamo
Single's Club

My question is, once one is finished with the whole 'cycle' of routines, would it be inappropriate to go back to the ABBH 1 due to it's lower than average volume?

If so, should we go on to repeat the programs starting with ABBH II?


Please see this link. It is a thread that I started only yesterday about my program and it's design. I used your methods, as well as others, and I was wondering what your thoughts would be about it. Your insight is appreciated!
Here it is:




I just started your Next Big 3 program yesterday and had an awful time doing the press squats with even the bar, so I switched to dumbells in an attempt to improve my form.

The problem seemed to be that I kept falling forward when i squatt down. This is likely due to limited shoulder ROM/flexibility and i know in the past you have recommended some contract/relax strecthing prior to the exercise itself.

What do you recommend I do on off days to help strengthen my shoulders and improve my flexibility?


Hi, Chad, I didn't know you are going to be here tonight, so I PM you, but I will shoot it here too.

I am finishing a 14 wks 4-AD-EC and WM this week. I am going do 1 more month of hypertrophy before I focus on strength training. I will be also taking Alpha Male and M the first 10 days. I was wondering which one of your program do you recommend for the coming month?

Thank you!


"Besides the Mentzer interview." Ha! Good line!

Yes, I'm working on a periodization article (slowly), but my book is kinda overwhelming me right now.

I've been reluctant to write a periodization article, even though I get numerous requests. I feel such an article might leave readers bemused and perplexed. Since I often incorporate multiple progression methods within my articles, it can become very confusing to a reader. But, I'm working on making the article as readable as possible.

Thanks for the request.


Good question.

First off, even though I often recommend 60-75s rest periods, I also often recommend antagonist pairings. As such, the rest periods are sometimes twice as long.

I do believe that shorter rest periods are effective for hypertrophy (maximal strength, on the other hand, is a little trickier). Therefore, if you can adhere to my loading prescriptions with shorter rest periods, give it a go. But, I'd recommend that you slowly decrease the rest periods, thus "building in" an effective progression technique.


Not necessary? Well, that depends on the trainee. Obviously, an O-lifter wouldn't fall into this category. But, for weekend warriors, an argument could be made. Although, I feel overhead pressing variations maintain better strength balance around the shoulder girdle. Therefore, if a trainee isn't contraindicated to perform overhead presses, I include them.

I don't include them as often in my Internet articles. The reason? I get inundated with requests for substitute exercises. Therefore, I try to avoid the issue. But virtually every client of mine has overhead presses within their core list of exercises.


Related to this, would taking 1 or your routines and performing them as a cirucit be the pinnacle for this? I know I read somewhere in you wrote you could do this and it would allow you to shorten the rest peridos. Based on your writings in the past and an athletic concept-it seems the bodybuilder of the future will do less work, faster,with less rest, more often and in shorter duration. It seems circuit training with the correct exercises accomplishes this. What do you think?


Since I don't ship out Power Drive for Biotest, I'm not sure how long it will take. But I'd bet it'll be soon.

Yes, Power Drive produces noticeable effects. If it didn't, I wouldn't recommend it.


Good to hear you're receiving the desired results from my programs.

As for the 4x/week training, you could give it a shot. But, this program might be a better "bridge" between 3x and 4x/week training. Perform this program, then adhere to my Set/Rep Bible parameters for 4x/week training. At that point, I should have another high frequency article posted.


The purpose of your above progression is to increase your work capacity. While a brief stint of ABBH post-cycle might help with short-term recovery, you'd be better off pushing the frequency envelope. Think of ABBH as your "unloading" program once the cycle is finished. In other words, a week or two of ABBH would be advised when you're feeling overtrained.

Thanks for the feedback!


Yes, you seem to have some flexibility and core strength insufficiences. I suggest you switch to the snatch for the part of the program. Once you finish the program with the snatch, you'll be better suited to perform the exercise correctly.


The Art of Waterbury program would be ideal.


I think you're on to something. Good thinking, and true.