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Waterbury PT 7/11


I'm here for questions, observations, and a little pontification.


thank goodness!

Ok, about two weeks ago I was picking your brain about me creating a program using the past few theories that you've laid out in your last 3 articles.

This is a recap of what we came up with during your Prime Time thread from 6/29, you suggested that I use 4 lifting days, 2 doing 4x4 around 90% 1RM and 3x15 (and never going to failure). I also had suggested that EVERYDAY I would be doing some form of active recovery for the whole body. so finally, I asked the following question:

I'm thinking of 4-6 exercises each 'lifting' day should be sufficient, would you agree with that?

I'm also talking about the big movements,

incline/decline/flat bench
all sorts of squats
overhead pressing
(did I miss any big movements besides jump-tricep-kickbacks on a swissball on a trampoline??)

and also was thinking of using one day every other week on heavy day to incorporate accentuated eccentric or eccentric only training at 125%1RM for 4x4

is this lookin like a well rounded program?

also, here's a link to that thread


thanks CW


Chad, I discovered your Total Body Training program about 8 weeks ago and had so much success with it that I am going to try some of your other programs. In particular, my quads and biceps really exploded. Working them 3x per week was just what they needed to stimulate growth.

Now I am thinking of starting Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy. I feel that while TBT is great for hypertrophy, ABBH will continue that growth, while enhancing my basic strength level more than TBT would.

Would you recommend a cycle of TBT, ABBH, ABBH 2, repeat to keep things fresh? I'd like to know your thoughts on this approach.

Thanks - your programs are the best on T-Nation. I am breaking all sorts of plateaus. Keep up the good work!


Hi mate,

i wish to start building my neck muscles for boxing and i have been reading your articles for the last six months. I have a good grasp of what you are building up to in your recent articles. So could i train my neck 5x aweek, 2x6reps 80% max for all five days? All my other training is for functional strength except for abs.

Thanks, Jay


With high-frequency training (hitting each body part 3-4x/week) eccentric accentuated training is a bad idea. I suggest you drop it out of your schedule. Other than that, it looks good.


Since you excelled on TBT, I suggest you follow-up the program with my Waterbury Method. It'll lead to more hypertrophy since you're accustomed to training each body part 3x/week.


ok, thanks CW...

ps. if you need any research guinea pigs for your theories that you're workin on, I'd be glad to keep some pretty detailed logs if you'd like me to be part of testing them out and whatnot.



Thanks for getting back to me so quickly last week regarding my road cycling/weight training question concerning my low HDL problem. Your answer was very reassuring. I'm currently in my second week of the WM, and like TBT, I love it. My legs feel a little tired on the bike after Monday's 10X3 Squats, but I guess that's to be expected.

Should I back off a little on the intensity of my rides on tuesdays? Keep in mind that I'm not a competitive cyclist (190 lbs.), just looking to get my HR up. Thanks.



What kind of general routine would you prescribe for in-season athletes? Considering all the weekly practices and games, would a VERY brief, daily routine ala Pavel's 5x5x5 be preferable, or would brief, 3x a week, whole body workouts suffice.

If someone is accustomed to whole body workouts and feels they personally work better than split routines, would there ever be a need to use a split, even just an upper/lower, perhaps for a backoff week?


First of all, the muscles in your neck respond best to constantly changing parameters, just like other muscles. I don't recommend you start training your neck muscles 5x/week. Start with 3 and build it up from there. In addition, constantly change your parameters based on the info in the Set/Rep Bible.


Thanks Chad


Yes, that's a good idea.


It depends on the sport in question. Tell me what sports you're alluding to.



I am currently involved in very low-level amateur baseball; we practice just a couple of times a week and save our games for the weekend. I am looking into playing for a local rugby club in the near future, but I am unfamiliar with their practice/game schedule. However, I figured you would have experience with rugby players and their routines.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


After I read your article concerning frequency, I was stoked because it was something I had been putting much thought into. I wanted to bring my chest up (or out, rather) and started to work it a few times per week. Just wanted your thoughts:

Monday: 8x3 80%
Tuesday: 100 rep/active recovery
Wednesday: 5x10 65%, Dumbell
Thursday: 100 rep
Friday: Dips 10x5 75%

I will usually throw in a speed or strength/endurance session on the weekend. Just wondering what your input would be: is this too much, could I do more, etc. Thanks



I have two questions for you:

What do you think of using an ez curl bar for bentover rows? Any negatives?

Supported T-Bar Rows vs T-Bar Rows
Does using the supported T-Bar row dynamicaly change the exercise?


When training for fat loss using your rep/set bible protocols should someone use 5x5 one day then say 4x6 another day then 4x8 for the third day of total body workouts or would it be wise to throw in one higher rep day in the 10-15 range.

Another question would be could someone add in prehab exercises into one of your total body routines after the workout and if so would this push the envelope of being to much volume. I trying to incorporate 10-15 mintues after the end of each of your fat loss total body workouts to fix some posture issuses and for injury prevention.

One last question for be what attributes, muscle groups, and exercises do you feel would be the most important for a baseball player. I am trying to get back into college baseball after a layoff due to injury. Natural talent was more then enough to excel in high school but now i want to take it to the next level.


I noticed a big difference from the Waterbury method the first time through. I kind of did my own higher rep (usually) program for 3 weeks after and then repeated the Waterbury method again. The second time I had zero results. I am thinking my body might have adjusted to the program but there are a lot of other variables I am trying to address also.

My question is what would you reccomend to change it up a bit now that I just completed the Waterbury method for the second time yesterday?



Currently I am confined to a wheel chair or my hospital bed, I was going over some of your articles with my brother who just couldn't get his head around some of that "science stuff" my question to you is how does one make use of muscle software to kep the body strong while not being able to walk. I have been having some success with muscle control (maxick) and have no idea when I will be able to walk again. am I going about things the right way?

Another question for you is what are your thoughts on Kettlebell training? I know kettlebell training is sometimes frowned on but I think they can be a useful tool.

Thanks in advance



During the season, you should hit each muscle group 2x/week with parameters such as: 10x3, 6x6, 5x5, etc. Use different parameters with each workout during the week.