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Waterbury PT 10/3-10/5


I'll be hanging around Monday-Wednesday for your questions.

Let's get it started!


If following the Perfect 10 program for antagonist muscle groups, should one change the prescribed rest intervals? Should rest intervals between sets remain the same, should they be cut in half, or should the total time between sets of the same muscle group remain as originally prescribed (i.e., by taking into account the time taken to complete the set of the antagonist as part of the rest interval)?


You can either cut the rest periods in half (with antagonistic pairings only); or you can keep the rest periods constant. The advantage of the former is a shorter workout time; the advantage of the latter is that it allows for larger loads.

The choice is up to you, both methods work.


HI chad how are things going I first want to say I really enjoyed your 13 article. ALong with your wealth of knowledge you really seem to have a down to earth easy going attitude. I hope TC knows how lucky he is to have you around, as your articles easily get the most hits compared to others. I have enjoyed alot of your writing and I know that here are T-Nation each writer seems to have a certain area he focuses on with yours being hypertrophy. I like putting on muscle as much as the next guy but I really want to have more go then show, though looking good is nice. what are some tips you might give to someone who is not an aspiring pro athlete but someone is plays a meriod of sports, who wants to look good, and who also wants to keep from getting injuried.

I would assume three total body workouts would be best, they have really grown on me and now I cant stand the thought of doing something else. Would focusing one day on strength, one on hypertrophy, and one on power be my best bet. I took the idea from a template you laid out in your top ten article a little ways back. Then after my three or four compoud movements I would add in some prehab work and save abs for days in between along with using cardio or sports stuff as my means to get the blood pumping. Also are vertical pushing and pulling worth keeping in a routine especially since they include internal rotation in nearly all their movements which would then have to be counter balanced with rows and external rotators, though i do love dips.

Two more quick things and sorry for the length. Instead of doing 8 sets of 3 on the power day for 3-4 exercises could i cut it to 5 or 6 sets as doing 8 seemed to be to much. The last questioned I had was about carbs. Even if cutting do you feel it is important to digest carbs at breakfast and post workout anyway. I have been injesting about 200g carbs on training days and around 100g carbs on non-training along with 2500kcal and 3000kcal on each of those days. I clock in at about 6'2 260 and 18% bodyfat so obviously losing weight is important. Would this work or am I maybe cutting it to low, my weight seems to have stalled.

I feel like a dope but one more quick question about acessory work. i know you have mentioned in the past that accessory work should also be cycled as far as reps and sets are concerned. However, since I am trying to add volume to such things external rotators and abdominal training in order to correct imbalances wouldnt it be best to use reps of 6-12 regardless of what day it is, especialy on the power day, would that require an explosive external rotation. Would the same hold true for biceps and triceps and other small muscles, assuming performance and injury prevention were more important then just pure hypertrohpy. I would hate to hurt a bicep doing 5rm curls and lose sports time.

I am not trying to shoot down your method, as I have no were near the education or gaul, I was just wondering if different ways of execution were necessary for athletic performance as compared to pure astetics.

Sorry for the length but i had alot on my mind, and i respect your opinion


Hi Chad,

In another month, I'll be teaching a group fitness class called Group Power twice a week. It's a barbell-based class, but here's the kicker--super slow tempos, LONG time under tension (the biceps "track" is literally 4 minutes long--four minutes of continuous biceps curling), very little weight.

I need the money and it'll help build up my personal training clientele, but I'm trying to figure out how in the hell to keep my lifting speed, strength and power to at least the levels I have now. The class is a full-body routine, done Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm thinking a big, heavy movement-plane based workout on Saturday, with maybe some low-volume, low-intensity, possibly recovery-enhancing dynamic/speed work on Sundays or Mondays? What do you think?


Chad, I've been following the Waterbury method and am almost finishe d with my fourth and final week. My question to you is what should I do next? should I start the program over? or, switch to a new program? I have noticed great results and would like to continue. I like the three day a week training sessions because I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu three times a week and this program fits in great. It doesn't tax the CNS too bad and I feel strong and fresh when grappling.


Hey Chad,
I'm going back to your Waterbury Method after realising that I will not be able to compete in the PL comp I was preparing for.

If my strength gains increased from a lower volume PL routine, should I continue where I left off in the WM (3 weeks into it) with a little more than the 2.5% increase in weights from where I left off, or would it be better to just start over?

Also, would it be acceptable to switch Romanian deadlifts with full range Deads on day 2?

If so, do you see any worthwile benefit from a hypertrophy perspective, in deadlifting with the bar loaded with 25lb plates (or standing on mats) to get the bar lower (I'm fairly short at 5'5")?


g'day chad,
I am a current user of your programs and I'm having great success. I just have a quick question for you. My girlfriend is looking to improve her physique and is looking especially at the usual female areas toning bottom, thighs and general upper body toning.
She only trains at home with a home weights set and exercise bike. I have told her to do weights 3 times a week and she does some sort of cardio riding, walking about 5 times a week. Her results have stagnated recently so I was wondering if you have any suggestions I could pass on to her.
Thanks in advance.


First, I suggest you follow my Triple Total Training program, based on your goals.

Anytime you feel a certain set prescription is too high, you should either 1) decrease the intensity (load) or 2) decrease the volume (as you mentioned).

Carbs are tricky. If you're having a problem losing fat, I suggest you limit your carbs to one meal - either breakfast or the onset of a workout (Surge).

You should cycle your assistance exercise parameters. 6-12 reps is a sufficient range to allow many variations.


Stick to heavy load training to offset the wimpy loads in the class. You won't need low-intensity recovery workouts because you'll be performed that in class.


Perform my Art of Waterbury program next. It'll be great for your goals.


Just start over, don't be overly-concerned with the initial loading. You'll know if it's too light. If so, adjust accordingly.

Yes, you can switch the deadlifts.

Elevated platform deads is a great exercise, but don't use them every week. Alternate with other variations.


Perform a compound exercise circuit with large loads (80% of 1RM) and short rest periods (45s). Have her slowly decrease her rest periods by 5s with each subsequent workout. Keep the load constant.


Hi chad,

I'm currently on the final week of your quattro dynamo program with great results. The template of the program seems close to that of a westside template only designed for hypertrophy?

Also i'm looking for the next step in my training after Quattro Dynamo.
Any suggestions?


Thanks Chad, I appreciate your feedback!


The Waterbury Method or The Art of Waterbury would be good choices.


In some of your articles, particularly you're earlier articles, you've mentioned training SF soldiers. What kind of training regimen would you recommend for a soldier who does morning pt (push-ups, sit ups, run, pull-ups) but wants to improve near-maximal strength.


Chad as a FFB I am in no means a skinny man either, I've come down some but still feel I need to drop even further. Any particular diet you would recommend to allow someone that doesnt have a problem workin out 5 times a week to drop all the rest of this weight(like 30ish more pounds and i'll be happy) I know its prob been covered over a million times and yes i did search, but would like your oppinion aswell.


Thanks for the double prime-time again coach!

Hows the book coming along?

Any plans on expanding your facility in Tuscon? Looking for any investors?

Chad, the more I play around with your concepts of frequency and fast concentrics, the better they get.
You truly are a revolutionary.Your ideas have gotten me more clients than I can handle, thankyou.

Keep up the good work!



Hey Chad, I thought I'd reuse a post I put on the site a little while ago for you, considering you're the resident expert about frequent workouts.

For background, I'm 5'9 and 170lbs and have been lifting about 2 years. I bench 255, squat 315 and deadlift 345 or so.

I just became a freshman in college, and so now I have basically unlimited access to my gym. This has made me go aobut 6x a week, because I love working out and I like opening up that "window of opportunity" after I lift to eat all I want. I've been following a Push/Pull/Legs split since I got here, using one day of low reps (around 5 for all lifts) and one day of high reps (around 12). I use all compound exercises (db bench, decline db bench, shoulder press, skullcrusher... chinups, pullups, rows... smith machine squats and legpress). However, I haven't really seen very good gains using this program so far. I'm not trying to either bulk or cut at this point, I'm trying to focus on my studies at this point so slightly improving my figure would be nice (my questions only pertain to my workout, though I know diet plays a HUGE role in physique goals). My lagging body parts are biceps and traps. I should track my calories, and I will eventually, but for this first semester I just want to get good grades.

My question is threefold.
1) Should I even be trying to lift this frequently?
2) What program would you reccomend I do if I was to lift this often?
3) If I shouldn't lift this often, then what would you reccomend I do (program-wise)? I want to work out a lot so I can eat big a couple of times a week with lots of healthy carbs and protein, but if working out less often will do my body better than I'll obviously go that route.

(BIG NOTE: THERE IS NO SQUAT RACK OR BENCH PRESS OR FREESTANDING OLYMPIC BARBELLS AT THE GEORGETOWN GYM! I know I hate it, I've just been using various dumbell exercises - and even a little smith machine shudder to get my workouts done)

Thanks for all the help, if you have any more questions just ask!


PS - I loved ABBH I and II