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Waterbury PT 10/17 & 10/19


I'm here for questioning.


Hey Chad,
A few quick questions. On your SOB program Day 1 for instance, how many exercises do you recommend for "assistance exercises"? One or two?

Second question, I am finishing up the Waterbury Method program and plan to follow it up with SOB. Is this OK? Do you recommend a one week break between the two or can I just jump right in? Thanks in advance for your answers.



Pop quiz, hot shot.

You have to complete a leg workout.
You have no weights. You can't do a pistol past a toilet seat. What do you do? What do you do?


What one of your programs would you recommend for someone on an AAS cycle or a MAG-10 cycle?

I am currently on a 3 week MAG-10 cycle, 6 caps twice a day, and am using the Waterbury Method program. 41 years old, 68 inches tall, 195 lbs and too fat aout 16% body fat.


CW, probably been asked about 1 zillion times but what do you feel is your best program for: Primary Strength/Secondary Hypertrophy

Basically a strength training routine that still has enough volume to illicit growth in the proper enviroment.

I really like your SFM program and was thinking of just doing it but bumping the 3x5 sets up to 5x5 for a little bit of extra volume. Looks sort of like a light/med/heavy(3x8/5x5/3x3) setup that way.


Hi Chad,
I'm using the WM program at the moment. I'm having a bit of trouble on the loading for some exercises though. The dumbbells in my gym jump from 30kgs to 35kgs. On my decline bench press today I did 4 reps with the 35kgs, 8 reps with the 30kgs, 4 reps with the 35kgs and then 8 reps with the 30kgs. How do you think that will work? I intend to do some sums to make sure that the total weight lifted increases each workout. I was tempted to try 6 sets of 4 using the 35s but I thought that that could have been too many sets. I'd love to hear your thoughts.



Just an update; taking my 8th week off (as scheduled) currently following the Perfect 10 Routine. It looks like I'm growing by the day, during my rest week! My chest and arms, I guess, are "supercompensating?"

One more week left with Perfect 10 after I finish my rest week. What do you think I should do next? Should I just repeat Perfect 10 for chest and another bodypart of choice? Or should I do something with a less volume and frequency for a change of pace (is there any need to let my CNS re-charge or just keep at the high frequency)?

This program is amazing! I need to say it again. I wouldn't mind my chest being a little bigger; but I'm actually at a size where I'm (believe it or not) almost satisfied. This Perfect 10 Routine has been beyond amazing, revolutionary. In all honesty, the program doesn't take up a ton of time; people shy away when I mention I train in the AM and PM. The AM workouts have become a great way to start the day and I feel better throughout the day after completing them.

Cool pics from the Staley Conference. Did you get to hang out with the Spike Girls?




Finished up the second portion of ABBH last week. Loved the program and made some very tangible gains. I'm thinking about starting ABBH II tomorrow but I have an urge to try one of your other programs. Hypertrophy as opposed to maximal strength remains my overall goal. Was thinking A of W possibly instead.

By the way, read your interview where you recommend Psalm 69 from Ministry for some great training tunes. "Just One Fix" is presently on my MP3 player as well as a few other Ministry tracks. If you've never seen them live, do it. Total sensory assault. Thanks.


hi Chad im following your ABBH program and i plan on doing this routine after.

Bench press 5 x 5 superset with barbell rows 5 x5
squats 5x10 superset with crunches 5 x 20

stiff leg deads 5x5
pullups 5x5
military press 5x5

Deadlifts 10x3
Dips 5x10
barbell curls 5x3
calf raises 5x10

Anything that you can see wrong with it? I want it to maintain my muscle and strength when I diet down a bit.



First I want to say that The Waterbury Method was AMAZING. Killer program, and a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks for making it available to us.

Second, I read in the Staley Bootcamp thread that you have a book available. I wasn't aware of this. Where can I buy it?


What do you generally recommend in terms of minimal parameters (e.g., training frequency and set/rep volume) for maintaining muscle mass? Are these parameters different for maintaining strength?



Whether you use 1 or 2 assistance exercises is based on your conditioning levels. Also, it's based on your needs. If your recovery seems at optimal levels with 2 exercises, stick to it.
The WM is an ideal follow-up to SOB.


Hindu Squats, Single-leg squats to the floor (these are actually less demanding than pistols; drop down until your bent knee touches the floor), and explosive lunges.


Quattro Dynamo

These are all good choices.


Primed for Muscle works well.
SFM would also work well. But don't change the parameters. Instead, push the intensity a little higher than recommended.


The 6x4 option isn't bad. If you have the time, do it.

Other than that, your method of caluclating total tonnage with altered parameters is also a good idea.

Either way, I think you understand the concepts well enough to make do.


Awesome! That's great to hear. If you're satisfied with the development from the P10 program, I suggest you switch to other lagging exercises. You can maintain your size from the initial P10 program by using 4x6 and 8x3 throughout the week (2 sessions total).


Don't jump into AofW since it's one of my most advanced programs. Instead, go for Triple Total Training, Total Body Training, or Waterbury Method. Whichever sounds best is fine.


Your program looks sufficient. However, depending on how much you're dieting down, it might be too taxing. If you have problems recovering, I suggest you drop one set from each exercise.


It's not a book, per se. Instead, it's a special report that I put together for the conference. It's a compilation of the skeletal muscle research I did for my Master's Degree. In addition, it covers neural aspects of strength and many other areas. It's very concise.

There are 25 left, if you (or anyone else) wants to purchase one, send me a PM and I'll give you the details. I'll sign each of the 25 copies that are left.