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Waterbury Programs And Symmetry


So I sit here as a lifelong right-handed person using the mouse with my left hand. Why? Ever since I started training (7-8 months ago), my left pec has been significantly smaller than my right pec. For the last 4 months, I've been using dumbbells only. I have only seen a slight change in the proportion of my chest.

The thing is, I'd really like to start using some of Chad Waterbury's programs (starting with ABBH), but I'm afraid my problem will be exacerbated. Can anyone offer me any tips/helpful advice? Perhaps some tweaks to the program that can help me achieve a temporary state of body building nirvana? I was thinking about doing Hypertrophy Booster shots for my left pec only.



Chad actually addresses this in in one of his threads. If I recall he gave a few options including doing extra reps on the weak side. Search the site I know you'll find something.


Do DB bench instead of BB bench, that's what I did.


I couldn't find CW's comments, but I did find this comment from Ian King:


[i][b]Weak Side Training[/b]

Most of us have at least a slight strength imbalance right to left. For example, one arm or one leg is stronger than the other. If you're doing an alternating exercise such as lunges or alternating curls, always start with your weak side. If the weakness is more severe, use what I call the uneven alternating rep method: do two reps on the weak side, one rep on the strong side, two on the weak, etc.[/i]