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Waterbury Program Questions


I just embarked did Chad Waterbury's 3 day a Week hypertrophy program (where I exercise the entire body in one session). That was one tough workout! I was in okay shape but was not used to lifting 45+ minutes straight. And that leads to a few q?s:

  1. My whole body is sore which is a good thing. I know Chad recommends waiting 48 hours between workouts. I lifted Sunday morning so that means my next workout would be tomorrow morning. But here?s my first question: what if I am quite sore tomorrow morning? How do I know when I?m ready to do another one of these killer (for me at least) workouts? (I don?t want to burn out or go catabolic?I?m a middle aged guy with two kids and a pretty tough job.)

  2. I woke up this morning with swollen glands and a scratchy throat, i.e. I think such a vigorous workout whacked my immune system. Do you guys have any tips to keep yourself healthy through such tough workouts? Any ways to boost immune response?

Thanks again for all the help


Well it is about building up your tolerance and training through soreness to a point. Frequency that is.

But if you can barely walk and have swollen glands I would hold off a bit and slowly up/cut time/days as you can. You mauy have to start with a few days between.

Generaly I find trainign thorugh mild soreness actually helps releive it.

Hope that helps,


After you get through the 1st week it becomes much easier as your body adapts. I couldn't move after the 1st week. Make sure you get two full days rest between the third day of week one and the first day of week two.


Thx for the feedback.

I can walk no problem - in fact I went to the gym and just did some treadwill walking and some ab exercises.

As far as immune response, I was wondering if anyone loading on antioxidants, zinc, etc. the day before?