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Waterbury Program Pairings

Hi folks,

Did you had a nice xmas?
The most i like,is the dinner-pump up the calories man!:wink:

My questions is related to Chad’s programm pairings.
It make sense,that when you follow Chad’s routines,that you choose those,which are quite different from each other,fex.:WM and then HH.
Which pairings do you find most useful or are in your eyes approved?

I did the Aow followed by 3x3 scheme and similar reps-now i want to try diversity for hypertrophy-this will be my pair set up and then i want to switch back to the Aow.


Merry Christmas and Holidays in general to you as well and everyone.

I am thinking you are asking for antagonist pairs we found effective?? If so here are some of mine.

Squat and weighted decine situps.
DL’s and Cable or DB side bends.
Standing Military Press and Chin/pull ups
Bench and Bent over rows.

Those are the Most basic and effective. IMO.

Then you haver say
Dips and upright rows.
Lunges and abs,
High step ups and abs
Various angled pressed and various rows.

Do as much as you can standing in general.

You could also do something that is say quad dominant like a
Leg extension paired with SLDL’s to hit the Hams.

Just try and pick BIG movements mix it up and dont ignore some of the O-lifts and you’ll be good. Dont be affriad of doing something new it wont hurt and will most liklely help.

Have a great one,

Hi There.

I assume that you are not looking for antagonist muscle pairings, but which workout programs you pair eg. WM and ABBH (in other words, which programs you would cycle together etc.).

However I do not think it would be good to cycle through only 2 or in pairs. Rather use the progression that CW uses in his programs. In other words:


thanx boys for reply-my post was related to programm pairings.
But also thanx for the great reply of the antagonistic stuff.

Sure its good to have lots of programms in a cycle-but don?t you think two quite different programms will do also the trick.
I can remember,that chad stated in a thread,that is is ok to cycle between SFM and WM as long as you are not bored-but otherwise its no problem.

I like the KISS principle.

After a long time of stagnation i had now a great breakthrough with the AOW programm.
So now i am very careful to plan my further training properly cause i don?t want to fall in the stagnation hole again-which lasted 2 years!

I did the AOW quite long about 3 months -then i switched the paramters to 3x3 for 6 weeks and 9x4 and 5x5 for 3 weeks.
I was able to improve my bench up to 20 pounds more than before.
So now i am searching for a good follow up-chad recommended to me the PFM or HH.
But I am not quite satisfied with this proposal cause I want to try the DIVERSITY for hypertrophy programm-and then switch back to AOW or SFM.
My goal is hypertr.and strength.
Any suggestions guys?
I appreciate your time!