Waterbury Program for Growth?

Hey everyone.

I picked the CW Program because I heard it was a really good one, and I heard 10x3 was the best for growth.

Anyway, I realized that it really is not 10x3, and is alot of 4x6.

For me, a 19 year old 150 pounder, should I be trying to do more sets/less reps like 10x3 in stead of 4x6?

Can I do the Water. program and just do 10x3 for each?

What have you been doing so far? The 10x3 was designed for all those guys that have been doing 3x10 for so long it’s a big change. The idea is that if you keep doing the same thing over and over you wil go stale so you need a big change to start new growth. It may not be appropriate for you. It’s the change factor that’s important here.

A beginner should do something like 3x5 as in Starting Strength. Waterbury was writing to more advanced lifters who could benifit from a change. 10x3 is too much high intensity volume for a beginner. You need more frequency.