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Waterbury Paradigm/Mix

Hey Chad,
When you head back here from your hiatus, could you give your thoughts on how an advanced individual should best cycle rep ranges and do so in a coherent fashion without getting too close to parameters used before.

Specifically I was looking at your 3,6,9 template and saw it is great for advanced individuals. But it makes for difficult rep range jumping because you’ve suggested to move at least 2 reps away from something one has been doing for awhile. Of course one could add sets at 3,6,and 9, but it gets pretty tough to add such a significant chunk of volume at any one session for the advanced trainee. Your thoughts would be great.


PS. TC has outed you, man. You’ve got to pull out your paradigm busting hypertrophy concept. You’ve got the track record to venture out, and I’ll give it a good go should you decide to put it up in an article. If Poliquin can write about Chinese psyche personality concepts, and how he feels it pertains to hypertrophy, then you’ve got nothin’ to lose. so POST IT!!!

go post this in Waterbury’s locker. he will answer it there byt probably not here