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Waterbury on Acetylcholine


I was going over some Waterbury articles when I found this...

"I'm spending some extra time discussing acetylcholine because many fly-by-night supplement companies have attempted to sell you on the idea that they can increase the release of acetylcholine at the motor end plate. More acetylcholine means more muscle, right? Wrong. There's plenty of acetylcholine to go around. That's why your body has mechanisms to inactivate it and transport it back into your nerves."

From: "Brain to Biceps" by Chad Waterbury

Now, I find this a little confusing since Biotest just launched Alpha-GPC which is intended to increase levels of acetylcholine. They (Biotest) have also conducted a study (as you might have read) about the effects of elevating acetylcholine levels on GH levels and explosive force and the results seem to show that elevated levels of this neurotransmitter lead to improvements in strength.

Bottom-line is, unless I'm missing something out here, there seems to be a contradiction here so I'd like to know if anyone knows ifthere is an explanation to this (maybe out of date info or something)....


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This is why I kept questioning the whole "if you're getting stronger, than you are gaining muscle" correlation.

Who is to say you're not simply becoming more efficient at muscle fiber recruitment? You can't say that everyone, at every point in their training history, is using every newly built amount of muscle tissue as efficiently as the tissue they've had on their frame. If that makes any sense.

(yes, I should be studying for my final exam)


Nice post BBB


wow, thanks for the info BBB.


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Has anyone tried the new supp? We ordered some. Going to test it on my husband's PLing days and see if he notices any increase in explosive strength. He is competing in a big tournament in three weeks. I'm anxious to see if he sees a benefit.


Please do let us know.


I will. He is competing at Senior Nationals and I ordered this. Just told him tonight. He said he will try it. I'm anxious to see what happens. Being the training is so regimented his response will be easy to gage. If it works on him I'm trying it. Now obviously at his numbers he isn't going to see a 30% increase in strength but if the weight feels better thats a huge thing.


any updates as to users having success with it yet?