Waterbury No Weight Calf Article

Seeing if anyone has tried (or trying) the HFT for calves that was post a couple weeks ago. And if so the results that you have encountered after 2 weeks or more. And also your opinions on this type of training (i.e bodyweight & high frequency)

I think I can give you some insight on this. I started doing something similar after reading an article by John Meadows where he says to do 100 bodyweight standing calf raises every day (not single leg) so the approach is similar. I can say that my calves went from being nonexistent to being decent. Some days I’ll do more than 100 and some days I’ll knock out 100 in like 5 minutes using rest-pause.

I’ve used this method a few times and always, the gains start coming after like 10 days of doing this. My calves are much meatier now and it’s literally the only method I’ve used. I guess the important part is just sticking to it. I take one day off every 5-7 days. I’m sure Waterbury’s method with one leg raises will work just as good.

Thanks for the advice. Do you also pair the 100 reps with tibia raises? I know Meadows likes to pair the two together. I have tried many methods and my calves are having a hard time growing.

Also if you did this for X amount of weeks and had a deload, how was your progression?
(increased reps?, added weight?) or you just stuck to the 100 reps the whole way through. Thanks again

I never did the tibialis raises consistently honestly.

As for progression, first I focused on getting to 100 in as few sets as possible. So at first I was doing like 25 reps max and after a while I could do all 100 based on tempo (usually more like 70). When it gets really easy, I’ll either pick up some light weight (like 10 or 25lb) or focus on getting MORE out of each rep - for example, doing the negative portion slowly. Do them close to something I can use to push myself down for the negative… stop in the middle of the rep (pause), go back up slightly, go back down… do a bunch of partials… you get the idea. Some days I would go up to like 200 reps, although most days usually were around 100 just because it’s easier to do consistently.

I think I’ll start doing the tibialis raises again.

Vary your foot placement too.

I actually started yesterday and will continue that progression/template. I did 100 right off the get go paired with tibia raises to failure (70-80). I will prob stick with 100 this week and see how it goes and maybe increase +25 each week after that. When i hit 200 reps for a week, i plan to increase the weight and back the reps down to 100 and keep progressing with a day or two to rest in between. Ill keep updates coming